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  1. I'm sixteen, and I know my acne is definitely related to hormones (I eat healthy, sleep well, get exercise, etc.). My dermatologist told me he thought birth control would be good for me. I have an appointment with my gynecologist in a few days. Has anyone had good experiences with birth control? (:
  2. I recently got a hair cut and now I'm breaking out like crazy on my forehead! It's really upsetting and I feel absolutely awful about myself ): Not to mention the hair cut isn't even a good one! Anyone else experienced this?
  3. If I use Pond's Cold Cream as my face wash, would I break out? I also use Epiduo at night on my face along with a good moisturizer. I've heard good things about Pond's and I really want to try it.
  4. rraacchheell

    - Makes acne MUCH worse than before - Dries out skin - Toner stings like crazy - Makes skin BRIGHT red - Getting a refund is impossible - They charge you monthly without you knowing My mom bought me this when I was fourteen and I used it for about a month. It caused me to break out HORRIBLY and it made my skin bright red! It was also painful to smile or to touch my face. Also, BEWARE that this company will charge you a fee every month after you get the trial v
  5. I went to my dermatologist yesterday and he prescribed my Epiduo and Solodyn (Minocycline). I use the Epiduo at night and take 55mg of Solodyn once daily. For a cleanser, I use the Neutrogena Deep Clean Gentle Scrub and for a moisturizer I use the Garnier Refreshing Gel Cream in the morning and Cetaphil at night. I've been really depressed about my acne lately, to the point where I sometimes just look in the mirror and start to cry Have your experiences with either of these or both in combin
  6. I rinse my face for two seconds in the morning under warm shower water and then at night I'm planning on splashing my face two or three times with cold water. Glad it worked for you :) xx I know tons of people who don't do anything to their face and they have totally healthy skin. I've never heard of someone getting a staph infection from not washing their face. Day 1 Skin Tone: My skin is already beginning to look better. Most noticeably, the skin tone is more even. Usually in the morning
  7. First, a little bit of background info: I'm a 16-year-old female who has had acne since the age of twelve. My acne consists of papules, pustules and whiteheads. I've always had VERY sensitive skin. I'm a vegan, I exercise daily and get 8-10 hours of sleep every night. I drink 8 glasses of water and two mugs of green tea every day. I also take a multivitamin. Now onto the purpose of this post: I decided that for the next ten days, I'm not going to use anything on my skin, except a little
  8. rraacchheell

    - Gentle - Doesn't overdry - Cleanses well Doesn't fight acne (but it's not supposed to, so that's okay :)) I love this cleanser! It cleans well and it doesn't leave my face feeling tight. I will continue to use this for the rest of my life :)
    - oil-free - gel consistency - moisturizing - refreshing - no greasy feeling after application none :) This is the BEST moisturizer I've ever used! I have very oily skin and this is just perfect for me. All other moisturizers I've used have left me with a heavy, greasy feeling on my face that persists throughout the day and this doesn't. It absorbs fast and makes me feel refreshed for a long time. Highly recommend :)
  9. rraacchheell

    Clears up most acne; fewer breakouts; if I did get acne, it would only be a pimple or two and they'd heal quickly Developed a resistance FAST :( Definitely good for a few months, but after that I developed a resistance and started breaking out HORRIBLY :( Going back to the derm this week to ask about Bactrim.
    Cleared up all my stubborn hormonal acne in TWO DAYS! :D Didn't work at all on whiteheads :( My dermatologist prescribed this for me a long time ago and I never used it. I came across it one day when I was cleaning out my medicine cabinet and decided to try it. After just one application, it cleared up almost all the acne on my chin! Unfortunately, it didn't do anything for the whiteheads on my forehead :( Overall though, a great product. DEFINITELY recommend,