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    Sports, going to the gym, comedy, the beach, and to have skin as smooth as a baby`s butt
  1. Your acne is very similar to mine. I actually had it a little worse tbh, but either way yours sucks. I found that aloe vera juice helped a ton. You can buy it in the pharmacy section at Walmart in big jugs for like $8. I would drink something like 200ml in the morning and 200ml at night. It didn't clear my face, but it helped a lot.
  2. Most likely not. My face was covered in those and I have minimal scaring. Just wait it out.
  3. Hey, acne is brutal. It kills your self confidence and it can be just as emotionally scaring as physically. Don't hurt yourself. You sound like a really nice, caring person. You'll grow out of it one day and your friends aren't going to have anything on you. If you need psychological help, don't hesitate, do it. Self-harm can ruin a person.
  4. Drinking aloe vera juice helped a lot for the cysts on my neck, cheeks, and jaw. It didn't solve the problem, but it was definitely a huge improvement. You can buy jugs of it in the pharmacy section at walmart. I drink around 300ml a day. 150ml in the morning and 150ml at night.
  5. I asked my doctor two years ago to prescribe it to be, but he would not. He doesn't prescribe accutane to any of his patients. So, I've been trying to fight my acne and I can't beat it. Usually, in the summer I'm able to clear it up, but this year I'm not going to be able to. I'm ready to go to the doctor and seriously talk about accutane. I asked my doctor for a referall to a skin care doctor, but it looks like its going to be months before I get to see him. Does anybody know of a faster
  6. Cleared up my skin to 60%, but now I can't get past that point for nearly two months. Admittedly, I'm getting aggravated. I really, really want clear skin. My skin is never going to be perfect, I'll have scars. I feel like I've put in my time and now I should have clear skin aha. I'm having my doctor refer me to a dermatologist that is supposed to be really good, but he is taking his sweet time about it. I just want to see this derm and maybe he will be able to help. Man, I don't want to be
  7. Go for it man! A fresh start is great. I plan on doing the same thing this coming September. Fingers crossed I get into res.
  8. There are definitely days when I feel the same. When I feel like I just can't do it anymore. That there is absolutely nothing positive in my life. I just try to be happy when this happens, make plans for the future, plan positive changes in my life. That way, even if things are kind of crappy in the present, you can still look forward to an awesome future. I plan to play hockey this coming winter and hopefully making some friends in September. It is going to be scary going out with a bad fa
  9. My face isn't looking too, too bad. The sun helps clear it up a lot! Doesn't really matter how my face looks right now anyway though because I almost never see anyone. I have to work a 70 hour week.. alone... aha. Get up.. work.. sleep.. work. I can't wait for Sunday and not working aha. It has been busy and pretty boring, but on the plus side I'm making money! I'll have to post pictures this weekend with the treatment I've been doing. I'm getting so close. I just get 3-4 small-regula
  10. This is so horribly flawed in so many ways... where to begin? FIRST of all, acne is a genetical disorder, not a product of bad hygiene. I probably had the best hygiene of any of my friends when I had acne and that never helped it. I ate all the right foods, got a healthy dosage of sun, even swam in the ocean a few times a week which is supposed to do wonders for your skin. And NO, acne is not a sickness that other people should be concerned about catching and it not at all contagious. I laughed
  11. Okay, so I didn't read all of it because I'm super sleepy aha, but it sounds like he is really interested in you because of who you are as a person. He sees WAY more to you than just your acne. Don't let it stop you from seeing him, he won't wait around forever. A guy can only try so long before he gives up and moves on, and he has already been trying awhile from the sounds of it. Go ahead and let the guy take you out! Enjoy yourself and good luck Just read a little more.. He read about yo
  12. Have some zits on my neck and forehead, but not too bad. I still think my skin is slowly getting. Bit of a boring weekend, I'm going to have to try to get out there this summer and meat some new people and re-establish connections with people I used to be friends with. Its more difficult than I thought it would be. I've hung out with some old friends from highschool, but I have yet to go to a party or anything with a larger group of people. You don't get invited when your off the grid aha. A
  13. Great post! I'm sure it gives some hope to people on this board that are struggling emotionally.
  14. I understand how you feel. I have a hyperactive metabolism. Some people gain like 15lbs in their first year of university, but I dropped 15. I just gained 6lbs back over the past few weeks though. I'm eating a meal every couple of hours and work out a lot. I eat sandwiches, bananas and apples (biggest weight gain fruits), boiled eggs, pasta, lentils, and meat. I know its not a super good diet for someone with acne, but its still a healthy diet and it doesn't cause to break out nearly as mu
  15. Yeah, I've heard stories about that. I'd rather just not risk it at this time. During the summer my face clears up a ton! So, I tried supplementing with vitamin D for over a month, but I didn't see any results. Anyway, I've been working with a routine for the last couple months and been tweaking it and trying some things and it looks like I'm finally getting some good results. I hope they keep up and my face clears completely! I plan on putting up some pictures and my routine this weekend