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  1. So, I used the Oxy10 vanishing cream, and it has made my skin INCREDIBLY red and blotchy. It's burnt, I know it. I went to the doctors, who tried telling me it was an allergic reaction (no - it is a burn, silly man), and then proceeded to inform me that I should have done a spot test (yes, I know, very helpful now), and that he can't really help me (great, gee, what did I pay sixty dollars for again), and perhaps I should go to the hospital. I HATE OLD UNHELPFUL DOCTORS. I'm sorry, I can't h
  2. Urgh! similar thing has happened to me. I'm completely and utterly freaked out. I had three small cysts, can't even remember exactly what I put on them .. I did treat them with a bit of isotrex gel. Woke up and it looks like I'm a burns victim! So far, I've put manuka honey on it, which seems the safest option at the moment. I tried both vitamin E cream and aloe - aloe did scary things, and the vitamin E cream just seemed to keep it looking exactly how it is. Which is not what I want. I have to
  3. I know, I know, I know, I know. Oh lordy. I know. I picked, and I'm not supposed to ... It's just, you look in the mirror, and it just taunts you like a sixth grade bully. Anyway. So once upon a time, there was this cyst, two actually, on my cheek. Cue horrendous week of me telling myself I will not touch them. I touched them. It wasn't so bad at first - clear icky stuff, a bit of blood, scanned up. HOWEVER. Because I'm incredibly idiotic, I didn't wait for it to peel completely off. I helped