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  1. Yes, he definitely has some very excellent results. I have been following him on RealSelf. Is that where you found him? I asked him a question via the Request a Consultation form and he never responded. I don't know what to make of it, esp. as I am seriously considering flying to Australia to have him treat me. If he could take care of me in 1-2 treatments, it would be well worth it. Have you attempted to contact him yourself?
  2. prettygirl from RealSelf here.... Been a while since I've posted on these forums. I like RealSelf because if offers doctors' expertise, actual feedback about specific treatments (the community at acne.org is very supportive, but not everyone has had lasering done), and photos categorized by treatment. I would encourage those who have had laser treatments to also make use of RealSelf. FreshStart, you're right. You don't have much scarring - I can see maybe two indents - but nothing more t
  3. Sanjoseskin and Inspired: It's a great place to be in terms of all of the lasering options and tons of practitioners who utilize lasers. When there's a lot of competition, you have to keep prices competitive. In addition, as an Asian, I wanted to go somewhere where I could be assured that they have treated a lot of people of color. I mean A LOT. And ASIANS. I'd love to move to SoCal if I could. Superficial or not.
  4. I didn't even really know about this procedure until now. Where in Southern Cali are you getting it done at...who is your doctor? LaViv is nothing new. In fact, it's been around for over 5 years. There are many people on this forum who were treated with it years ago but they don't really post about it now. It was previously marketed outside the USA under the name Isolagen. Do your research on it if you're seriously considering it. For example, google "Isolagen lawsuit". The old company file
  5. Only had 1 laser treatment by doc in L.A. area. Hope to be able to return for second treatment in 1.5 mos. Not making any formal recommendations yet. If you live in SoCal, my goodness, I feel like you're in the right place for your problem. I live in the DC area and having to fly clear across the country for treatments is no picnic.
  6. Yes, blah, it was definitely ablative. (I just responded to a private msg from someone who asked the same thing.) I know that "erbium' is associated with "YAG" - I don't know by which name to call it. With regard to the laser used to treat my scars, the doc referred to it as "YAG" and he didn't refer to the names of the other lasers. 3.5 mos. out after Mixto? I'm sorry to hear that. I think those who are considering this laser should take note. My hyperpigmentation resolved in approx. 6
  7. Hi dragonn, Four different lasers were used on my face, but only one was used on my entire face; the rest were used on isolated areas. If my memory serves me, only one of the four lasers was used for the acne scarring and I was told it was some type of YAG. I can tell you for sure it was NOT Fraxel, MiXto, Deep or Total FX - the ones most people have been talking about on this board. They do not own those, but they do own approx. 30 lasers and the doctor is highly skilled at using them. Y
  8. Thanks for all your responses. I'm sorry that I've been away; I've been very busy. Blah, I hope your hyperpigmentation resolved. Mine has. It took a good 1.5 mos. I didn't use the Meladerm (or any other whitening product) for more than 5-7 days simply bc I was too busy. I also wanted to be sure that it was the laser, and not the whitening product, that actually helped with the melasma. I had lasering for both my acne scars (isolated, on cheek areas only) and my uneven skin tone. Just
  9. Thanks for the replies, ToykoGirl and blahblah. I opted to use the Meladerm I had purchased online rather than the 8% HQ. I've seen some pretty substantial improvement since I posted, but there's still a long way to go. I even went several days w/o using the Meladerm - instead, opting to use a moisturizer at night containing ingredients which are "direct tyrosinase inhibitors" (i.e., skin whiteners). I don't apply the Meladerm during the day at all due to all the scary stories about HQ and
  10. During the consultation, I spoke to them about the possibility of hyperpigmentation given my skin color. They sent me home with 8% hydroquinone. I know that hydroquinone has become a very controversial ingredient over the years. I did some Google searches just to learn more about it. The U.S. may be the only country that still permits the ingredient to be used in products sold to the public. 2% you can get OTC. Anything more must be by prescription. I've heard many say that their doctor p
  11. I was very nervous about having any sort of lasering done to my skin for a very long time. Finally, after much research and reading this board, I decided to take the leap. I had it done by doctors experienced with treating darker-skinned patients. I'm Asian. While I only have scars on my cheeks, I also decided to have my entire face lasered to get rid of uneven skin tone and what was probably sun damage. I'm 2.5 weeks out and I have severe hyperpigmentation all over my face. Needless to
  12. Thanks and good luck with your healing, too. Yes, I'm treating ice pick scars (a few scattered on my left cheek) and what I would describe as icepick and small boxcars - because they're just a bit wider than a true pinpoint icepick scar - (on my right cheek). The scars on my right are very close together and make up a modest-size area on that side of the face. I was also worried about the fact that the right-side scars were so close together.... but so far so good. I haven't scabbed at a
  13. I see. I don't know what went wrong for you. I'm doing okay at the moment. I was also going to ask the doc to do a test spot first, but once I arrived at the office I decided I might as well get it done. The doc isn't local to me so I can't afford to waste too much time. Just noticed that your location is Los Angeles. In my opinion, you're in the best place geographically for someone with problem skin. If this TCA CROSS thing doesn't work out for me, I intend to get things taken care
  14. Thanks for your response, TokyoGirl. I'm sorry for the delayed response and that TCA CROSS did not work out for you, but that you were able to correct the damage done to your skin. I had CROSS done yesterday at the doctor's office. 100% TCA; by a facial plastic surgeon who does the procedure. Mine does not "look worse," but only time will tell if there will be any improvement. My skin tends to heal much more slowly than most (I'm Asian) so I'd give it about 3 or 4 mos. before I make any c
  15. 1) did it always leave yours scars looking worse/deeper/wider/more intense than they looked pre-procedure? 2) If it did initially look worse, what happened several weeks to several months out? 3) Was the treatment successful for you (i.e., state the percentage improvement you obtained)? 4) If your scars did improve, a) what kind of scars did you have and were they mild, moderate or severe, b) how many sessions did it take to achieve those results? 5) Finally, did you DIY or have