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  1. When you mention that you've had laser treatments and they weren't successful, I think it's because they were non-ablative. i.e. Fraxel restore. Which is in line with what you say in your post by having six treatments of them. I think that if you had had ablative (fractional ablative to be precise) laser treatments and six of them, then you might see a better result. Also, you mention that you've had three sessions of dermabrasion. I think you mean microdermabrasion. Dermabrasion is a seriou
  2. Nice to hear. How's the hyperpigmentation now? You say that while you're still scarred, your skin has improved dramatically. In what way? Have your scars filled in or some more than other? Glad to know that your confidence is back.
  3. Oh Collegeboy, I completely forgot about something. I understand that the photos you've taken so far have come from your smartphone. I was wondering if your doctor took some pictures him/herself from before you had your first repair, so as to compare the improvements you've so far had from your Repair and MaxFX treatments.
  4. Hi CollegeBoy, That sounds good. I'm glad that your scars have improved. I hope you're able to shed light on a few things. Would you be able to post some pictures so that we could see the difference? I remember from your previous posts that some of your boxscars changed shape and turned into a 'boomerang' shape. Did it finally resolve itself? What about your other boxscars? Did they improve or change shape as well? And interestingly, how about your icepick scars? I'd really like to know
  5. Hey TokyoGIrl. How's it going? Is the hyperpigmentation subsiding gradually? What about the improvements on the skin texture? Wishing you well.
  6. Sorry man. Been real busy. Honestly? Stick with the Repair or DeepFX. The ultrapulse (100% ablation) is too agressive and the results were not as good as the repair was. I will do another repair in a few months (after spring semester). There is definitely an improvement with the Fraxel: Repair when it comes to textural and pores. Good luck! PS quote my message if you want a quick reply otherwise I dont know that you asking me a question since I rarely long on the boards these days. Than
  7. Hi Tokyo Girl, I have just looked at your gallery and noticed that you've actually made great strides in your journey. You can actually see the stages. Your laser resurfacing treatments actually reversed the damage done by the TCA Cross, and it actually looks far better. Your smaller scars, the faint ones that seem more textural, which weren't TCA Crossed, seem to have been smoothed out by your recent laser treatment. I'm just judging from your pictures in this thread and comparing them to your
  8. Hi Patrick. You're scarring looks minor. But I understand that the pictures don't do it justice as I can imagine that they look worse in person and in harsh lighting. From your pictures, I don't see why you don't consider laser resurfacing. Your skin also seems to suffer from textural problems which make your small scars seem worse then they are. Have you considered Total FX? It costs a lot, but it involves Active FX for superficial textural problems, redness and enlarged pores and Deep FX to ad
  9. Just wanted to wish you the best of luck with recovery. I hope you get the improvement you're after. The outer edge of my face, especially along my hairline, took the longest to peel as well. ----------------- At this point, I'm suffering from hyperpigmentation on my cheeks and various other spots where Deep FX was used. Compared to my first Deep FX treatment, it is much more severe this time around. I will update my original post with photos once I get my pigment issues under control. On a posi
  10. You're looking good TokyoGirl. Do you still plan on continuing with another total fx treatment in the future? I think you might diminish those scars even further to the point where they are barely noticeable. Also, how many weeks did you take off work to recover? I plan on having mine next year but don't know how many weeks I would need to take off to let my skin heal. Also, I've recently quit smoking. How long do you think I should wait until I get the treatment? Good luck.
  11. Looking so much better Mooneboy. Your scars have definitely softened. About the redness, were you put on some bleaching cream such as hydroquinone? I think you can also have IPL treatments to take away the redness completely. Also, I'm just wondering what your fitzpatrick skin type is. As photos can be deceiving with lighting and everything. I mean, are you fair skinned (white / English) or tan (any other ethnic background)? It's just that the more fair you are the more aggressive the laser t
  12. Your results looks impressive. But since it's only been a day since treatment, I'd like to see what it still looks like after the micro-swelling has subsided. Also, what did your scars look like from the baseline, before any treatments were done? It looks like this treatment has worked well for you. Keep us updated with your progress. How do you know that? It just looks like the afters were taken in different lighting. On the left side of his face, I can still see the little ice pick sca
  13. Awesome. It sounds like it went really well. Gosh, 100% gone, you say. What type of scars were they previously that are now gone, boxcar or those tiny ice pick scars you mentioned in your previous posts?
  14. You noted that you've previously had 6 non-ablative treatments before moving on to ablative laser resurfacing. Have you experienced what some doctors refer to as 'diminishing returns', which means that the more you have treatments the less results you achieve? Or have your results been consistent and cumulative enough to make a marked improvement, especially from the baseline before having any treatments at all?