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  1. I've had to deal with anxiety since the 4th grade. I never really had acne until 8th grade. I'm on 2 medications for it. I noticed that if I'm not stressed out for a couple days/I don't go out in public and just chill out at home. My oily skin lessens and my acne heals/clears up. What can I do to carry on a normal lifestyle and being able to socialize without oily skin? So basically how do I get around stress induced oily skin. I've cleaned up my diet. Exercise about 3-4 times a week. Use retin
  2. How come ever since starting retin a micro (2 weeks ago) my forehead is like shiny as if it's really oily. But it's not.
  3. I wanna get a nice tan on my face before school starts. I know your not suppose to while useing retin a micro. Is there anyway I can lay out for some sun and get a nice tan without totally screwing my skin? One more thing. Has anyone ever experienced darker skin tone while using RAM/Retin-A. Ive noticed my face is darker then my neck by a lot. Like I look tan with a completely white Irish skinned neck lol. Thanks everyone!
  4. I have it right now on retin a micro! It has smoothed my skin out a lot but my forehead looks like a mirror. Is there anyway to avoid this but still get good results with retin a micro/retin a. Im on week 3.
  5. I often get those post pimple red dots. Ever since useing retin A micro they are so noticeable and red. Should I continue to use it in those places? Thanks!
  6. Should you moisturize with retin a micro? I take it you should. Do I put moisturizer on before or after I apply the Retin A micro? Thanks!
  7. What is the best way to treat comedonal acne when you have really bad oily skin. Like my face is completely covered in little bumps. My forehead has disgusting little bumps all over. Ive tryed Salicylic acid toners. (Neutrogena, clean and clear, etc.) For the past month ive been useing paulas choice 2% BHA liquid with no results. Benzoyl peroxide is very irritating. Ive tryed Ziana and differin. Both irrated and just made my complexion worse. What do I do? Im trying to clear some of this up in a
  8. Are you useing the tea tree oil topically and letting it sit on your face?
  9. Hey murph I just noticed your avatar. You fight MMA? I bring this up because I cage fight and love it. (Well used to) My acne has affected me so much I can't stand going to the gym anymore. I was going to have a Muay Thai fight soon but there's no point. Acne gets in the way of everything. I feel you guys. It blows.
  10. I thought the same thing but I ask all my friends and other girls if they had that happen. They look at me like I'm crazy. If it is hormones do you know of anything that helps balance them? Is it worth seeing my doctor over?
  11. I litterly cant even talk to my dermatoligst about my acne. I should video tape my next appointment I bet everyone would get a kick out of it. She walks in looks at my face says "Hi" gives me my prescription and says ill see you in 3 months! Make sure to pay on the way out. Its a joke. Shes the only dermatoligst in my area so I kind of have to deal with it. Does anyone else experience this with there derm?
  12. Im still confused with my skin. I just cant figure it out. My big issue is though everytime I go out or leave my house (Basically only in public) I often get very sweaty. Even if it is in a cool enviormeant. I sometimes get like random "hot flashes" where I just feel my upper body heat up and I just start to sweat like crazy. Like in the car everyone else will be cold and ill have to crank up the air conditioning because im so hot/Getting sweaty. I dont know if this is a stress related thing bec