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  1. I just have to try and move past the accutane faze of my life, thinking about it too much isnt doing any good. Im going to try and get off the antidepressant slowly and go from there. I think Ive talked one person out of accutane, I hope so anyway. I am getting way too obsessive reading all the things which may or may not happen to me I cant stop telling everybody not to take accutane Im probably getting on peoples nerves but what can you do? We cant save everyone, if they dont want to be saved.
  2. hey good idea! I remember reading about sage. I also get very hot in my sleep (and have weird dreams, prob a side effect of meds). I also read lemon balm extract or tea is cooling to the body as well. sage tea, you know the herb sage as they use in turkey/sausages? I dont like the taste much but its a good idea you can also use lemon balm to help cool the body )
  3. It cost usually $ per minute or around there, so 30 mins=$30. Depending on the amount of hairs, it takes 5-10 sessions to clear the area. But like I said make sure the person who does it is reputable, you dont want to go cheap on sushi, plastic surgery or electrolysis lol. Was the electrolysis affordable? I'm considering getting it done.
  4. good god. I hope you get a break soon Oli girl, you have certainly been through the ringer over and again.[Edited image out] I developed a huge goiter to the point I could not swallow and my heart rate was 190 and it kept attacking my eyes (luckily my eyes went back in, but left with some lazy eye) I tried natural treatments and standard medication (indocin, proprandol etc.) for Graves, however it was full force attacking my body to point I had a small amt of ra
  5. To be honest I havent had any side effects I can attribute to yaz though everyone is different. Some women say their skin gets worse before it gets better but mine didnt, it stayed the same until 3-4 months than quickly cleared. It doesnt generally cause weight gain in fact most women lose weight. It has an ingredient close to spiro but not in a high dosage. Any hormonal birth control pill/implant increases risks for blood clots, stroke, etc but in most women who are healthy and dont smoke its
  6. ...yeah not unless you want man boobs (Ive heard of men taking spiro and getting those! Talk about adding to your problem.) Yes, it seems that birth control is one of the few things other than Accutane that can minimize oily skin. Major bummer that men can't use it at all lol.
  7. My mouth just dropped open, yeah your derm IS an idiot where did they get their license? Anything with aluminum is toxic anyway I wont even use it in deodorant under my arms because it can increase the risk of breast cancer. Run run away from that derm! btw clean and clear, paladio and other brands make oil absorbing sheets, they work really well and have no make-up/powder aspect, you just blot your face with them.Thats my suggestion )
  8. I had acne for 20 years (since I was 12). It was mostly mild until last year when it went cystic...I tried a lot of things, topicals, antibiotics 1 month of accutane which was very bad for me. I was finally diagnosed with PCOS (a hormonal disorder) and being on yaz birth control cleared my acne in 3-4 months. Yaz has a similar ingredient to spiro, I couldnt tolerate spiro at the 100 mg dose recommended for acne but I have no side effects from yaz. You cant take birth control forever but I can be
  9. My skin feels the oiliest when Ive been in humid weather especially if its hot, or in a really stuffy humid room. No saunas for me... I also have a vascular disorder which affect the blood vessels, going back and forth from the cold to hot or air conditioning to heat is painful for me. Since Ive been taking yaz, my skin is a lot less oily than it used to be.
  10. I took accutane for 1 month and constantly felt like I was burning up. I slept naked in air conditioning with a fan... like I was having menopause! 9 months later, I still am still sun sensitive and have develped rosacea. Bleh.
  11. hi Lilly, heres what worked for me, I take a birth control called yaz, it has a similar ingredient to spiro (drospirenone) but only 1/4 the dosage. I couldnt tolerate spiro as it made my blood pressure very low. Within 3-4 months of taking yaz my skin was clear. Why not add some form on the regimen? I mean, you can use the topicals while you take bc pills, theres no reason you cant.
  12. there are small red marks for a few days after electrolysis but they disappear. But my skin doesnt tend to scar, thank god.
  13. what do you mean the one side of your thyroid is gone? Was it removed or did it disappear somehow?