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    I love animals, skiing, painting, making DIY crafts, baking, going to the beach and listening to music.
  1. Most of you guys probably haven't haha still searching for your own little cure as we all are. I've had acne forever and grew up with it now as an adult with acne i've come to terms with it a bit because it's just how people see me the girl with the acne. Which is fine i've learned to accept that. I've mostly just have grown apathetic towards my acne and have accepted it as apart of me. I still treat it but its a constant battle i keep losing haha.
  2. If acne was contagious I bet we'd have a cure by now or a world where the majority had acne haha and it was the norm. Almost every contagious disease gets a vaccine or 'cure' not acne. lame.
  3. I'm a girl, but when I look at other girls with acne, I'm kind of grossed out when they wear makeup. It just looks really uneven and usually cakey. However, acne or no acne, skin looks better with no make up. I always feel a lot more confident without makeup, oddly enough haha i know right? thats the main reason why i don't wear makeup. I let my sister do my makeup on special occasions because I don't know how to do anything besides eye-makeup and even when she does my makeup having more expe
  4. Do you girls wear makeup or just natural bare skin most of the time? I notice when i do cover up and wear makeup guys come up to me but 98% of the time i dont wear anything and nada which i'm fine with honestly. i have mild acne and acne scarring. Just wondering whats the difference for you ladies between wearing makeup even if your acne is still noticeable or not wearing makeup at all when it comes to guys.
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    1. Yep honestly picking is my number one problem dealing with my acne 8 years worth of scarring from picking my acne spots every single day. I think picking is a stress reliever for me it calms me down i don't only pick my face but hang nails, and ingrown hairs anything i can really. I think its like ocd for me now to pick at something even if it gets all bloody and gross. Its going to be hard to break this habit but i'll try for the sake of my face and preventing even more scars. There is not one
    2. thanks for the tips! You're stories give me hope on landing my next job. I always thought my interviews judged me on my acne but i think its just my lack of confidence and insecurity because of my acne! I'll fake it to make it now!
    3. I was on it on and off last summer because i kept on forgetting to take it! but during the fall is when i started taking it everyday. I noticed results after the first month my acne was disappearing and then for the next two to three months i had no breakouts it was freaking amazing. I still had my previous acne scars but no current acne. Then things took a turn for the worse when i started growing facial hair and i decided to stop taking it. My acne came back with a vengeance after i stopped ta
    4. Hi I was wondering what are other peoples experiences with trying to land a job while having acne? I know there has been multiple studies that show beautiful people get hired more/faster. It only makes sense to hire an attractive person. For me its hard finding a job with acne i usually try to hide what i can under make-up and i look a little bit better but not that much some spots might be visible still and the bumps are hard to make disappear without 7 layers of concealer and foundation. I lik
    5. yeah i can completely relate it sucks being the ugly duckling in your family. Everyone else has literally perfect skin except me. My mom and dad both had acne when they were younger but they grew out of it i guess i was stuck with both of their acne genes combined to get the worse skin out of my siblings. I'm not growing out of my acne either i wish!
    6. fear of the side effects have you seen this thread? scary! I wouldn't want to risk my health at all for clear skin. The mental and physical side effects are just too much. I'm on retin A right now and i'm not even consistent with it because i hate the flaking and peeling of it so i know i wouldn't be able to handle full on body rashes and complete dryness. The dry eyes and depression are the main things that i would not want. I wear contacts so having dry eyes with contacts suck so bad and havi
    7. No I don't believe its because of karma. If so i have no idea what i did in the first 10 years of my life to get acne at age 11. I guess the good thing about getting acne so young is that i've never known what its like to have completely clear skin as a teen. i can only look back at younger photos of me in my childhood when i didn't have acne but i don't feel that comparison of how i used to look to how vs how i look now with acne that other teens get if they get acne in their mid to late teens
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        1. yep i relate started getting acne when i was 11 and it only escalated I'm 20 now.It shows no signs of stopping, never had clear skin in 9 years just keeps on getting worse. It always switches too one spot on my body is always worse than the others mainly my face but sometimes my chest and back are worse than my face. I hate it so much. Right now my face is ok chest is pretty clear but my back is terrible. I refuse to go on accutane though too risky with all those side effects. i wish a real non-