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  1. bump. been 2 and a half years and still acne free, amazing drug. might post some pictures
  2. Bumping this up, it's been over a year since I started and I have to say my skin stayed from clear. this medicine was indefinetly life changing. It's completely changed my life as a person and who I am today. If you're thinking about taking it. DO IT. seriously the side effects are highly over exaggerated. They only say it's bad because they have to give you worst case scenario. The only real side effects would be chapped lips, dried skin and bloody nose. and maybe small bumps.
  3. Well it's been about 2 months since I been off accutane and here are the pictures - - The Verdict - I stopped updating because nothing new was happening. Real side effetcs - Chapped Lips , Dry skin, Towards the end bloody nose about 2-4 week, Tiredness sometimes. That's ALL other effects have to be extremely rare, I did not experience nothing more these are easy side effects to take care of nothing extreme. This medicine changed my life! Even though my skin is not as c
  4. Looks better already. goodluck keep updated with the pictures for best feedback
  5. Things been going well, nothing to update. down-side about this whole accutane thing. Kinda been eating fairly shiity. Since I've been on it - had subway 4 times, Mcdonalds twice. and one seperate time I got a McFlurry. and kinda having candies about once a day. and going back occasnially to my Protien shakes. but still nothing bad has happened scared for when I get off.
  6. I was clear in a month, started with very mildly moderate acne though! check my log.
  7. Day 74: Missed a day due to going out with friends over the weekend . Chest is clearing up and face still looks really nice. Bump
  8. Hey! Day 71, so I went to my derm everything came back completly normal. I have 19 days left of month 3 and she said she's going to give me another month and it will be last month. She said everything on your face looks 100% cleared up but my chest wasn't exactly all there. She said in 4 months you should be fully cleared. So thats the verdict. 49 more days and I'm done !
  9. My oh my haven't updated this in a while. Day 63 : The whole reason why I didn't update this because nothing has been happening. I have not experienced any side effects expect for the ones that were very common. Chapped lips and dry skin, Oh I have gotten a total of 3 nose bleeds on this that lasted for about 3 minutes. This medicine has literally changed my life. I know everyone says that but I have a better example. I had a test that I couldn't pass since Junior year(thats 1 1/2 years ago)
  10. Day49: Skin on face and chest is starting to look great. Starting to get a ton of these little bumps all over my arms AGAIN ugh so annoying.
  11. HEY. Good news saw my derm today. Blood test came out 100%! I was actually really surprised because I get my blood test on January 3, and I was drinking Decemeber 31(New Years Eve). Well here's what happened. She came in and was amazed how good my skin looked, she than proceeded to tell me that my blood work was fine and that she is probably going to take me off of this in 1 MONTH . So that will mean I am on it for a total for 90 days, 45 days left. Skin hasn't been as dry, chapped lips still mi
  12. Figured these little bumps look like an allergic reaction to something. They're all over my right arm, some on my left and a ton on my back. They are pretty itchy. I took a benedryll last night and it seemed to help about 35% of it. I only took one because It was late at night and it puts me into a deep sleep. I took 2 just now I'll let you know how that goes. As far as my skin, chest is def clearing up that's the good news.Face is about 90% clear, which is also the good news. It's just these da