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  1. I can definitely see that youre clearing up! My breakouts are slowwwly drying up. I didn't know if this initial breakout was normal. It isn't any worse than my normal breakouts so I'm not complaining. Just feels gross when I have to wash my face and it is bumpy. Yuck! Also my oil production on my face has significantly decreased. I am basically producing no oil and I am only on Day 14! I also dealt with some dry scalp as well. It was SO dry that it got really itchy, flaky. (gross) S
  2. Amber, I have been getting similiar breakouts around my chin area as well. Did you apply anything in order for them to go away faster? They are NOT poppable as i tried to do this and theyve gotten twice as big with a vengeance. How long do they stay around for? Does it go away on its own with Accutane?? It is so frustrating an they hurt! :(
  3. Amber, Your skin is looking amazing ! Quite an improvement. I agree, we chose this path and what's a couple more Months right?! And off to clear skin! I hope that I reach the level of clearness at day 17. That is another 7 days for me so well see!
  4. Day 10- Hello everyone! I've started a post to document my experiences/effects of Accutane treatment. This is my first time on this medication so feel free to comment on your experiences, side effects, feedbacks, whatever: ) So far, I am on my Day 10 of Zenatane 20mg/10mg twice a day. My side effects include little bit of dry lips, little bit dry skin, I got the IB on Day 8, headaches, dizziness, fever, dry nose (inside). So far my skin SEEMED to improve until Day 8. I got hit with like 6
  5.     Wow you are on a high dose! You should definitely be cautious of your side effects and report any serious symptoms to your doctor asap!. I know exactly what you mean. My was was super clear..(althought i had spots and bumps) but the overall complexion looked bright and clear and then BAM, i got like red painful spots all over my face. I am on day 10 right now and still have the breakouts. I guess this is my IB too? I am also experiencing headaches..as if i am hun
  6. Thats awesome! You're like on Day 15 or something like that right? I am on day 10. I definitely have my initial breakout. It started on Saturday. Before saturday, my face was looked clear. Even though it had pimples and bumps, my overall general complexion looked bright and clear (if that makes sense) But now, that is all gone. Ha I have about 5 pimples throughout my face and clusters of it on the side of my temple. It is quite annoying. My dry skin is slowly starting to kick in today
  7. I use this on my body too! It's a great lotion...although I'm afraid im going to need a more thick cream later on .
  8. Hello, I am a 29/F/100lbs on 10mg twice a day =20mg for four days so far. I haven't yet experienced the dry skin yet on day 4 but im hoping it will very soon!! I am so sick of having this oily skin. Did you have really oily skin before starting Accutane? I'm sure your skin will get clearer as the day goes. Which brand are you taking? I am taking Zenatane. Also, I too am a lil worried about drinking while on the medication. My doctor told me that a glass with dinner is okay but noth
  9. Hey BlueJam4! I wanted to reach out to you bc I too am starting isotretinoin very soon. Iam 29yo female weighing 100lbs. I will start on October 31, 2014 and quite honestly, a bit nervous about the dreadful (sometimes fatal) side effects people experience and thats reported. Good luck with your journey! I will try to diary my experiences on here once i begin treatment as well. Feel free to reach out with any questions or comments. Thanks!
  10. Hey you guys, So I've recently started Spironolactone in combination with Ortho tri-cyclen lo. I've been on this for about almost two weeks. I DID experience an initial breakout but i was thinking it may be due to my hormones adjusting to the pill. I stil have some pimples on my face from previously, before i started spiro and birth control but they are slowly starting to dry up. I also realized that after taking Spironolactone, my skin isn't as oily as it used to be. BTW, i had REALLY oi
  11. Beautyaddict888

    Skin and hair is less oily. No side effects experienced (yet). LOVE the fact that it decreases oil production on the face. This was a huge problem for me. No new side effects noted. I've been taking this for about two weeks now. I'm 26yo female and weigh about 100lbs. I was scared to try this first as I heard that it is for blood pressure. I had to persuade my dermatologist to prescribe it for me...as she was adamant about prescribing this and wanted to prescribe Accutane before anything e