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  1. I work at a strip club (as a waitress/bartender) and the dancers like to annoy me by constantly touching my face. They spend their whole night touching random guys, then they touch me... ewww!!! That said, provided I don't rub or scratch at my face, following the CSR after work means I wake in the morning without a breakout. Long story short, you'll be fine if you don't wash till your usual time.
  2. Loreal eye makeup remover on a cotton bud (q-tip for the Americans?) for the waterproof mascara. Then olay cleanser for blemish prone skin. Once to remove the make up, and again to get the makeup residues off and actually clean the skin. 2.5% BP, then Olay moisturiser with 4 drops of 3% damask rose essential oil in Jojoba oil to moisturise. No new pimples show up if I do this, massive breakout in the morning if I don't.
  3. I tried cetaphill cleanser and moisturisers, but they stung like crazy, even after I'd gotten used to BP, and in the days when I wasn't using BP or epiduo. Plus, cetaphill feels like it's 100% synthetic, that freak me out a little, and it leaves me dry and tight. Olay is the brand from woolies or priceline I've tried that works well. The cream cleanser for blemish prone skin feels amazing. It doesn't lather, but it does remove all your makeup. The Olay complete defence SPF15+ moisturiser with
  4. I had the exact same reaction to epiduo. The flakiness and redness is a sign that it's working to remove the dead skin cells (sort of like a chemical peel). The stinging is how you can tell that the P. acnes bacteria are being killed. How long have you been on it for? These sound like the symptoms when you first start using it. Try reducing the amount that you use, and make sure to only put it on before you go to bed (plain 2.5% BP without the adapalene is still okay to use in the morning). The