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  1. I've been on the regimen for 1 month 2 days and I'm still breaking out...is that normal or should they have stopped by now?
  2. I have a question about the 8oz bp tubes, they say you use a full fingers length but everyone has different sized fingers so some would be applying more at the final amount and some would be applying less. I'm never sure if i am using the right amount. Is there any other way to measure the equal of 2 pumps of the bottle other than the finger?
  3. Good to know there are people that were in my situation. You scared me with that disease but i just googled it and its luckily not the case. Thanks I can now stop worrying so much!
  4. It says in the "What To Expect" page that week 2 is when you could possibly breakout, but the good news is it will clear faster. I think that the reason this happens is because all the bacteria is coming to the surface or "purging". But after this breakout clears your results should be great until your skin is restored to its previous clarity, smoothness, and beauty.
  5. I get most of my acne between my eyebrows.I recently started the regimen, but the problem is I feel the peach fuzz between my eyes prevents the treatment to fully come in contact with that area. I tried shaving but that only makes me breakout even if I do disinfect the razor. Any help on what to do? Any one maybe know why my acne occurs most between my eyebrows?
  6. macqwerty, aside from dryness did you have any new blemishes or breakouts from not using it in the morning or did you see any improvement in your acne?(assuming you do have some blemishes in the nicest way possible haha )
  7. alright that sounds good but how long until I should be at the maximum amount?
  8. I am on day 8 of the regimen and the dryness and redness is so frustrating and agitating because the regimen works so good. I have been following the regimen precisely with Dan's products and even working my way up with the bp but it's just too harsh for my sensitive skin. I was thinking of how to get around this and my idea is: Morning: Cleanser, Moisturizer Night: Cleanser, BP, Moisturizer (I want to do this so my skin won't be dry at school) Then on saturday and sunday I'll do the tre
  9. i cant seem to find the time to update this daily because im always forgetting or busy so ill start updating whenever i can.
  10. i take back the part about my acne clearing COMPLETELY in 2 weeks, i had my initial breakout which was expected today but its 3 very little manageable bumps that you can tell are from the regimen, but i have had no redness or dry skin because of the regimen since i started which is now 4 days in and i think my skin will manage better then most because i have used a 5% bp before(not the way dan has) + proactiv and also ive used a different acne solution every night for the past year so my skin is
  11. thanks but as long as we follow the regimen very precisely i think it will pay off in the wrong run and we will be glad we stuck in there best of luck to you
  12. Day 2- Sad to say but nothing really looks different except i haven't broken out since ive been on the regimen which has been only 2 days but still that's pretty cool but patience is KEY with this regimen along with gentleness of course.wish me luck
  13. Day 1- I've used the regimen for one days besides this morning and its amazing! I love everything about it, keep in mine my blemishes are moderate, nothing severe but embarrassing none the least, but my face feels so clean and protected whenever i use it and i've gotten no new blemishes since i've used it plus my current ones have flattened and i give it another 2 weeks until i got a clear face
  14. Alright I received the products today, only took 3 days with priority mail . I just tried the moisturizer (because I don't want to do the whole regimen until tonight) and despite the bad reviews,my face isn't yellow, it moisturizes very well, doesn't leave a shininess, and absorbs quickly(which is great when I put it on before school) I thought for some reason the bp tube would be small but it is HUGE and should last atleast 3 months, as well as the moisturizer and cleanser, the pumps are awesom