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  1. I've been on the regimen for 9 weeks now. I am now more frustrated and depressed about my skin because of the acne scarring/red marks that will not budge! Are there any regimen users out there that think the acne scars that benzoyl peroxide cause are A LOT more frustrating and off-putting than the original spots in the first place. I have scarring since being on the regimen where before spots would come and ago in a few days. Any advice for treating them?
  2. What I find 'absolutely hilarious' is that no-one seems to mention that benzoyl peroxide plays havoc at spots by leaving red marks just as severe as the spots themselves on your face permanently. I started the Regimen on March 1st, so I have been doing it for 9 weeks. I didn't suffer from acne terribly, I would get the occasional couple of spots here and there but being petty I thought doing this would mean I have perfect skin. SPOILER ALERT: You will not get perfect skin using the Regimen.
  3. Try lemon juice! I have been on the Acne.org regimen for 8 weeks and only have red marks left. I wanted to get rid of these red marks so started to try lemon juice at night. Basically I squeeze a fresh lemon into a cup then dab around my face where the red marks are (with a cotton bud, don't use your fingers!) I only been doing it for four nights and noticed the red marks are fading faster than they were. The only con is it does really sting for a few minutes when you put it on but thats
  4. What do you mean by the moisturiser flakes off? Your skin is flaking or the cream isn't absorbing? The best thing you can do is slightly lower the amount of BP and slowly build up to the full amount, or when applying the moisturiser make sure you use two full pumps and gently spread it round without completely rubbing it in, then just let it air dry and absorb into your skin. Also, don't touch your face, I found moving my mouth a lot before the moisturiser was completely absorbed caused fl
  5. It's much better than the DK cleanser because it doesn't flake or dry as much, also its cheaper! My only problem is it stings sometimes after applying it, but thanks!
  6. If your acne isn't that bad I would definitely avoid starting to use BP. It takes weeks/months for your skin to get use to it with side effects such as redness/dryness/irritating/peeling. It also causes red marks from previous spots to linger for two/three weeks longer to fade.
  7. I'm sorry I mean 30 minutes including waiting time. I have taken the quiz and think the only thing I need to sharpen up on is more regularly shaving and making sure I don't touch my face throughout the day. Thanks for the tip.
  8. I am in week 5 of the Regimen and suffering from dry skin and flaking! I have tried adding jojoba oil to the moisturiser but my its so oily I look like a plastic toy. So I just ordered that black soap you have recommended, review to follow...
  9. I am in the same situation as you. I have being doing the Regimen strictly (apart from the occasional night out/too hungover) for nearly 5 weeks. But f anything I have got a lot more small spots where as before it was just the few bigger spots. My skin wasn't terrible to begin with so I'm slightly regretting things now. I've even had comments saying if anything its got worse and considering I take 30 minutes every morning and night putting Dan's products on there its a joke. I've been putting