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  1. this is interesting.....not to mention cheap..... i remember my friend not showering for a week and he said it felt great......we all might be washing too much, but if i dont wash, my balls really itch after i scratch em, theyre ok tho
  2. so alex, i guess this is still working for u right? its been awhile, so i guess this is what works for u......for me, its too early to say, but im pretty sure ive been washing too much and applying too many harsh chemicals i used to have this fear that if i didnt wash at least twice a day id break out really bad...apparently thats not true!
  3. alexalmighty, i think this is like the do nothing regimen.......for others it tended to work for a little while, and then stopped......what im trying to do is wash my face less, just once a day.....u mentioned oil is good, which it is, but dont people with acne have oil that just dont come out of the pore, and get stuck, and thats why they have problems? if the oil left the pore, there wouldnt be any problems
  4. hi all, i have been taking these guggulipid capsules.....its only been a week, but i noticed a reduction in oil.......i take 25 mg a day...of the guggulsterone, although, u r supposed to take 75 mg.....according to the study....anyone else used this? i know a week is only a short period of time so i willhave to keep monitoring......
  5. hey shyguy, so do u find that it actually helping?
  6. hmmm, this is real interesting.....id like people to talk more about it.....niacin is readily available as well......ive been trying guggulipid, its too early to say anything though...
  7. hi, anyways, i got zits when i was like in grade 8....nothing too serious, it didnt bother me too much because a lot of others had it.....but it got serious when i got to grade 12, and got especially worse when i went to university, bad time to be getting zits.....well not surprisingly i didnt really want to go out very much.....i wasnt teased much like some of the others here were.....anyways ive went on minocycline, topicals....i even went on two course of accutane, and still it was bad....aft
  8. hi i have read some people having luck drinking lemon juice....i was wondering if anyone had any luck with commercial storebought lemon juice....not necessarily the organic type......im wondering how much juice was used for those that thought it helped......and whether they used hot or cold water thanks!
  9. hi, has anyone tried a liver flush? some people claim it took care of their acne....this is where u drink a combination of olive oil and lemon juice, there r different variations, where u drink apple juice before this procedure, or use epsom salts...but the basic idea is that the olive oil and lemon make the liver expel cholesterol 'stones' that r preventing the liver from functioning properly.
  10. well i have been using the c and c combination, it seems to work well, i live in canada, so can only get 5%.......besides that, i have been taking 100 mg of B6 with 50 mg of zinc, once a day.....im not sure how much it helps, but i noticed i have less oil than i used to....possibly it could be due to c and c...or maybe it is zinc and B6?..
  11. So Botchla, do u feel that the C and C clearing wash is better than applying benzoyl peroxide cream or gel?....u know , the type u leave on as opposed to wash off?......
  12. hey botchla thanks a lot for posting that little regimen. hope everything is going well for u at school..... anyways i encourage people to try this out, assuming dans regimen hasnt had satisfactory results.....its stilla little early to say how its going, but it seems to work pretty for me so far.... and its easy, u dont need a ton of products..... well, ill keep things posted as to how this progresses....
  13. hi botchla, thanks for the response, i guess i was asking if u found just using a BP wash more effective, than using a BP cream that u leave on.....for example Dan's regimen involves applying a cream and leaving it on.....but yours is a wash, im just wondering if u tried a BP cream as opposed to just a wash....its just that i thought it was more effective to have a cream or gel throughout the day than a wash, obviously i could be wrong as what u r doing works well for you.
  14. hi botchla, this regime u mentioned....im wondering, did u find the wash more effective, than actually applying the BP?.......i mean did u ever try using the SA wash, then applying a BP like cream?
  15. hi everyone, im new here just wanted to say what a great board...... cheers to Dan.... im not doing exactly Dans regimine....im using a panoyl bar, neutrogena on the spot, and then an oil of olay moisturizer, in the evenings i just wash with the panoxyl bar, it seems to work so ill keep doing it for now.......im just curious if anyone has used BP for an extended amount of time where it worked, and then just stopped working? has anyone found their skin adjusted to the BP? because it app