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  1. Topic moved to scar / red mark treatment forum which should be more helpful for you Please note the forum headings when posting. The redness at the moment could just be 'trauma' / irritation from the pimple being popped. It might fade after a while. If it's post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, using something like AHA might help to fade it with time as well.
  2. Time to vent a little after the derm appointment I had today... The derm thinks that what I'll have to end up doing is to take accutane. I'm not too keen on that and I was annoyed that it was pretty much the first thing she said to me when I walked in. She was great though and just explained it all to me, but wasn't pressuring me into agreeing to take it. She just wants me to consider it. For now though I have a prescription for epiduo and a lot of erythromycin. I'm a little cautious about taki
  3. I (finally) have a derm appointment tomorrow! I've been on a waiting list for a few months now. And even though I've had acne in varying severities since I was about 13 (I'm 22 now), I've never actually been to a derm. I've just gone with the advice from my GP which was fine, but it'll be nice to see a specialist and get their opinion / advice now. It'll be weird for me to leave the house without makeup to go the appointment, but it'll be fine. Overall, my acne / skin doesn't get to me as much
  4. Good to here someone's experience on it Sorry it didn't work for you but that's great that cilest seems to be going better! Hope it continues well for you So far I have no real change in my skin on microgynon - definitely not any worse though so that's great. If anything, it's a little more under control, but it's still early days so it's hard to tell. Remaining hopeful. I really think it depends on each individual.
  5. You mean Microgynon? I've just started this pill too! I'm on my first week. I was originally supposed to start Diane but my endo suggested this one would be a better one to start on as it has a lower risk of clotting (apparently). Can I ask, why did your dr. take you off dianette? Sorry I can't tell if / how it helps with acne because I've also only just started. But so far, so good. No issues / side effects at all. My doctor says it's helped a lot of her patients with skin problems but it's
  6. Mod comment - I'm fine with leaving this topic in this forum, but thought I'd suggest you check out the hormonal acne forum too. There's usually a few spiro threads there. I haven't tried spiro but it's on my list of things to still try if other things don't work for my acne / oily skin. In my experience though, my doctors have been reluctant to prescribe spiro when I've asked about it in the past. When I've mentioned it they haven't really been open to the idea and wanted me to exhaust othe
  7. I've been super busy with uni so I'm not really around here much anymore! (But I'll be trying to stop by when I can to say hi ) My skin has been breaking out A LOT over the past few months. I've been slack with sticking to the regimen and have been finding BP just isn't as effective as it used to be for me. Didn't seem to help at all with acne that was clearly hormonally driven. I ended up deciding to try BCP for my skin. Haven't been taking it long (a week or so now) and so far so good -
  8. Moved to emotional and psychological effects of acne forum Hang in there! Dealing with acne and going through initial breakouts when trying new medications or products can be really tough, I know. Hopefully the initial breakout starts to subside soon enough. I find keeping myself busy with other things (uni most often in my case) and taking some time to myself to do something that makes me feel good (going for a run, listening to music I like or watching some comedy clips on youtube) helps t
  9. Decided to move this post over to the prescription acne meds forum which is hopefully more helpful for you I haven't taken accutane but my advice would be to listen to what your doctor has to say (your doctor should listen to you though and I'd imagine be ok with prescribing accutane if other 'less risky' methods aren't helping or aren't suiting you). Of course, seek a second opinion / see a new doctor if you want to also. Make sure you've done your research and listen to what your doctor /
  10. Topic moved to prescription medications forum
  11. Topic moved to accutane logs forum All the best for your accutane journey!
  12. Skin is definitely getting worse lately. I've been using less BP though so that's definitely contributing to it. I'm wanting to stop BP because I'm paranoid about it making my skin more sensitive to the sun and causing sun damage. I'm already careful with the sun because of already being pale.... It sucks that most of the topical options out there (as far as I know) make your skin more photosensitive. I had been emotionally managing my skin well lately - my skin hasn't been great but it was
  13. moved to prescription medications forum