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  1. So it's been like 842849004309 days since I last posted but here's an update on my skin. It's been about six months since the start of using acne.org products, and I have to say it did work. Somewhat. After I ran out of my Regimen kit, I went out and bought the Cetaphil moisturizer and cleanser. Moisturizer was okay, cleanser was just way TOO gentle! It didn't get rid of any of my oil or makeup and I had to wash my face several times. I'm now using Neutrogena Rapid Clear Oil-Eliminating Foaming
  2. Well, it's been a month and two weeks since I've started the regimen and I have to say my hopes that were ever so high are shrinking every day. No new changes to my skin since the last update. Scars are more pronounced and white heads still appear. Cystic acne still appear. Blackheads still present. Basically my skin is still the same as when I started the regimen but with the added difficulty of extreme dryness. My face feels like steel wool. When I smile, these horrible wrinkles appear that ma
  3. cc92

    Day 12 Of Regimen

    I've lost my compact mirror ! I guess it's a good thing so I don't obsess over my skin every second of every day but now I'm obsessing over where I've put that darn mirror. But anyways skin update for today: I have to say my left side is looking remarkably better! Much less redness, and the discoloration that seemed so dark is turning bright pinkish red. The dry "scales" that had formed on my face have more or less disappeared now but my face is still excruciatingly dry. Makeup still looks ho
  4. Went back to school today and WOW people were not kidding when they said makeup looks horrible when applying during the initial stages on the regimen. WOW. Really, wow is all I can say because I have never seen makeup look so horrible on my face. First of all, the moisturizer takes an extremely long time to absorb into my skin and just sits on top of my face like yellow goo. Good thing I'm asian and my skin is already yellow. I usually use liquid foundation and set it with Bare Minerals powder a
  5. cc92

    Day 8

    Okay so it's been 8 days since I started Dan Kern's Regimen and I thought I was going to go crazy looking at my face in the mirror so I decided to make a blog instead. Background: I guess a little background on my skin would be beneficial.... I've had acne since I was 13 years old. I am now 19. My face completely exploded with acne when I got into the 7th grade, and I started packing on the foundation when I got into the 8th grade. I always popped my pimples and I couldn't stand walking