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  1. Thank - I actually went to a Naturopath this morning and they said it is mostly detox symptoms. It's spots and itchy bumps and a bit of a rash but I was told that the program I was on was actually a good one and that I should continue. Thanks
  2. 29 y/o female! I started Dr. Natura's Colonix 10 days ago and while I feel great and I'm eating very well I'm breaking out like a mad woman. At first I thought it had to be hormonal because just over a month ago I got off the pill (though I was never prone to breakouts before the pill) and it very well maybe from getting off the pill but the timing is strange. I have been off wheat, yeast, dairy for the last 2 weeks and been eating a lot of raw, organic foods. I am taking Evening primrose
  3. Thanks - do you mean you would use the BP as a spot treatment after being on the regimen for a few months or use the AHA+ as a spot treatment? Thanks!
  4. How much did BP did you use the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd weeks? pea size, dime size, quarter sized amounts? once or twice a day. if you let us know how much BP you used and how you worked yourself up then it could help us help you
  5. Hey guys - I'm brand new and it's my first post. 29 y/o female who has never had a problem with acne before but I am starting to have some now probably due to two factors: #1 - I just got off the pill Yasmin last month so I think my hormones are trying to rebalance #2 - I'm on day 8 of the Clean program detox cleanse and they say it's very common to breakout due to toxins getting out of your body. Either way I think the Pill is contributing more to it than anything else. I just purchase