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  1. It's funny, right? I wonder what causes it... I feel like a google search of cuticles and accutane won't solve the mystery...So random! It's amazing! I hope the creases don't come back after I stop accutane. I got an end date today. August 13th. Two months, baby! I'm sooo excited!!
  2. Somebody was saying (I forget who it was,) that their hair didn't get elastic creases when they took it down. I just got this amazing side effect this week! LOVIN' IT! Also, I have like, no cuticles. It's super easy to paint my nails. Anybody else getting this? It's pretty awesome! I hope these side effects stick around for a while...
  3. Hey riceball! It seems really early in your course to start having joint pain. Maybe it's something else? That sucks that you wouldn't be able to swim because of the chlorine! What if you used a barrier cream? I've never used it, I don't know if it works or even if that's what it's for, but maybe it'd be worth looking into. If you do swim, make sure to use a bathing cap though, or your scalp will suffer! My dermatologist was very dismissive about accutane causing depression. He said that he be
  4. I do surgery too! Dr. Oz said it was okay...
  5. Ugh, I hate that. It happened to me early on. My face looked scaly by the late afternoon, even when I moisturized. I have developed a little constellation of three cheek pimples. They are all nice and purpleish and uncoverable. ARGH! I haven't had cheek pimples since my teen years. Annoying. It was one last week, now it's three. With no apparent intention of going away. At least the rest of my face is doing good. How is the rest of your face? LOL. That's a hilarious question if you take it out
  6. Dry lips are by far the hardest thing to contend with I find. You can't just ignore them.
  7. I'm a little late to the game. I'm 5'7", and I have terrible posture from stooping over because all my friends are shorter. And maybe a little bit because I read all the time. I wish I wore heels. I should start. But my toms are just so comfy! Also - I LOVE tall people. Not because I find them particularly attractive, but because they totally fascinate me. Not like 6' or whatever, but insanely tall guys who have to duck to get into the metro. Like 6'7" maybe. I don't stare at people with faci
  8. Yeah, I'm lucky. I have no craters, just red marks that never get a chance to heal. Well, because I feel like 20 whiteheads might surface by the end. Plus I have rosacea so that would just be a mess, lol. But accutane is supposed to fix that up too. My rosacea hasn't improved yet though, which is why I'll wait till the end of the course to do hot yoga. Plus it's too hot out right now anyway - that would be really yuck! Still, let me know how it goes!
  9. NOOOO!! Fall better not be around the corner! I love the sun, accutane or no accutane. I'm just beginning my third month. I was on 40 mgs for the first month and 60 mgs after that. I'm having hearing issues so I was on and off for a couple weeks in there. This morning was AMAZING. I'm in such a good mood. Last night, my skin looked like shit. This morning, I woke up and so much had faded and there were no new pimples. For the first time in FOREVER. I looked like a normal person. Almost. OVERNIG
  10. Hahahaha!! That made me laugh. Well, we're a group of 10 people for this class and we sit around a table for 3 hours, so it must get pretty weird that I've been using it non-stop for a month now. Plus, I haven't found something that works really well yet, so I also have a bunch of different things that I use. For a while I was layering Clinique superbalm with another Eucerin product, but that was too weird to do in public, lol. Maybe that's why nothing is working - I haven't been washing the te
  11. I went to look for the Black african soap at a soap store today and they didn't have it. but now that you told me it dries your skin out I'm not sure i want it anymore, my skin is already super dry and sensitive from accutane so I might get a rash or smth. I'm going to order the shea butter, i already looked it up I just wanted to make sure I would get the same one as you. Do you have pictures of before and after of scars? And would you mind sharing them with me..? Im so skeptical of things like
  12. Thank you so much! I love your suggestion and I'll look for it in the stores or ask my dermatologist. I've never heard of DML before. The weird part is my face stung less last night after washing. Or at least, it burned for about 1-2 minutes, then dissipated. I've been lazy about calling the derm and asking if it's normal or not. I just assumed it was the medicine burning all the acne off! Haha So yeah, must call them. Although things overall are getting *so* must better, has anyone else notic
  13. I've only used Everyday Minerals and it does help with coverage. It doesn't cover everything though. I still need concealer on acne and some red marks. However, it does cover some of my red marks, so I ultimately use less concealer. A BB cream would be a nice idea. The ingredients in them are supposed to be good for your skin, so it could help with acne. Although, I think they're more like a tinted moisturizer, so they probably wouldn't offer enough coverage, depending on how your acne is. It'
  14. Benzoyl peroxide makes me super itchy! I couldn't stand it. Lol. I do love not having to use topicals though! I just use Neosporin or a salicylic acid spot treatment. That's about it! I haven't tried their BB cream, or any BB cream for that matter. The idea of a BB cream sounds great, but I haven't found any that match my skin tone. I have such fair skin that everything is always too yellow for me. Boo! But hey, after you're finished Accutane, you won't need much coverage! Agree! I actua
  15. Good to hear about the bag balm! My lips have been driving me nuts. I have probably used over ten different lip balms since starting. My lips aren't cracked or bleeding, they're just uncomfortable! I didn't expect it to be much of a problem since I was already addicted to lip balm before accutane but oy! If I take too long to fall asleep after going to bed, I have to reapply the aquaphor or I'll be screwed in the morning. My classmates have started commenting on how I'm constantly putting stuff