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  1. Erm well at the starting point, I didn't think it was that bad. However throughout the months, I sort of realised that it was kinda bad and there was a reason why Differin was taking so long. I've seen people on here going on Accutane with better skin than mine. But thankfully I don't have to deal with any side effects and will get clear, even if it takes 7-8 months. Hopefully by month 7 I will be happy with my skin
  2. Week errr.. 23! Nothing really major to say, still clearing up slowly. I will get there eventually!! Its nice to see we inspire some people to use Differin . Have found it very very useful
  3. I'm sorry to hear that. What is your diet like? Maybe you are breaking out because of the things you eat?
  4. Week 22. Wow, I have been on this for 22 whole weeks! And I'm still not clear! but still making good progress. Still being patient
  5. Haven't heard of any lol! Thanks both of you though, will have a look now. How long did it take for you to see results?
  6. I'm on Dalacin T too. Apply it twice a day, not sure what it does for me, but I guess it seems to work. Where can I buy zinc gluconate? Seems something I would be interested in!
  7. Week 21. Nothing major to report. But this pink mark on my left cheek HAS to go! My right side is looking ok , but the mark there still needs to go. Hopefully in 3 weeks, I will be happy with my skin! fingers crossed!!!
  8. Not yet. But getting there! On my left side, I have a bigish pink mark, which is slowly going. And right side is fading, which I'm sort of happy about! Hopefully by the end of the month, it will be a lot clearer. Have done 5 months now, so better clear up soon!
  9. Week 19. Nothing really major to report, just slowly clearing. I purchased Biore pore unclogging scrub today. Seen a few reviews and says it takes around a couple weeks to see results. So hopefully by then my blackheads will have gone and my skin looks a little clearer!
  10. I think everyone who has posted on this topic (except one) has liked Differin and is clearing up their acne. Looking back on it, I did have pretty bad acne and 4 months later, even though I am not fully clear, it has worked a lot! Its just one of those things you have to be patient with. Gina, I guess there is no harm in trying it out?
  11. Week 18. Still slowly clearing up and not really breaking out anymore. Its pretty quiet on here, how is everyone? P.s . I hate the sun!
  12. Week 17. Not much difference from the last time I posted. Just slowly getting better. Can't wait to get to week 20 though!
  13. It doesn't do anything for my blackheads, so will have to try something else. But for whiteheads, yes. My right side of my face looks good, but my left still has some way to go! Still convinced that by June, I will be happy. Just need these little marks to fade, but seem to take ages
  14. I went to get my hair cut yesterday, and my face looked crazy! Every thing just looked 10 times worse than I had thought. But when I get home and look in the mirror, my face looks ok (ish). Has anyone else felt the same way? Allison, thanks for that. Will let my doctor know about it next time I see him. I suppose I'm happy enough to wait until July, August (latest!) for it to clear up. But I will talk to him about Hydroquinone. Finally, I was on a website yesterday and came across Manuka H
  15. Yes it has. Working very well and am not expecting them to fully clear until July/Aug as it works slow. Its on my left side of my face, and it is really improving every day when looking in the mirror. If you stick with Differin, your PIH will go, but it just takes time and patience