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  1. Hey, Well day 32 and had just been back to my GP for bloods and what I thought was going up to 30 or 40mg. My blood work was fine but I have developed eczema on my body and had 1 really bad weepy patch on my cheek (very very gross) so the doctor prescribed me some more cream to try and get it under control and she has left me on 20mg. It upset me a wee bit that I wasn't going up but she knows best I guess! As far as the rest of my skin goes I have one active pimple that is under my eyebrow
  2. You are so beautiful (you looked beautiful in the before pictures too!)
  3. Yup it is really horrible! Retin A sounds good, I might try that after I finish accutane. I have noticed over the last few days that my pores are large and my pimples red and ugly (the old ones that aren't active), also I have a large one thats painfully drying out still. I don't know anything about ipledge. Basically I went to my doctor, got advised I should take it, got blood tests and once they came back I started on accutane. We don't have to see a derm, just a GP.
  4. Hey sorry about the late reply, have been super busy! I understand what you mean about unprofessional, I am studying speech and language pathology and have clinical placement in a hospital coming up and i want to look professional and confident. How have you been going with antibiotics and retin A? Don't worry I often cried about my skin and often feel ugly. Sometimes its hard to go to work I feel so embarrassed (I actually did once cry when I got there). Don't be so scared on the IB, you mig
  5. Your story is exactly like mine! I was 11 when I first got acne. Am now 26. Like you I tried EVERYTHING. Am 3 weeks into accutane and am already seeing results. Am so happy. Really hope everything goes well for you )
  6. Hey I am on day 22 and I didn't have much of flare up. Maybe 3 little pimples that went away really fast. But I got put on antibiotics and the pill as well.... so could be those.
  7. Thats awesome you get insurance! What do you do in the military? I am 5'2 as well, weigh 51kg (which google tells me is 112lbs). I wonder why we are going to be on such different doses? Is your acne severe? Mine is not really severe (pictures on my first blog) but I am nearly 26 and this has been going on since I was 11. I hope to go up to 40mg though. Definitely don't give up with the antibiotics, it takes time. How long did you try them for? haha yup I know what you mean about growing la
  8. Well pretty much, luckily. One is still one its way out, is flat but still drying out. I am lucky but I am also on the birth control pill which may be helping to. I am actually only on 20mg at the moment, going up to 30 or 40 soon so may be a different story then! (I am quite little) I only had a slight IB because my doctor (we don't have to see a derm) put me on antibiotics which I will be on for the first 2 months to avoid the breakout. So perhaps a combo on accutane, antibiotics and the pi
  9. Thanks Ann. I used retin A before I started on accutane, which was only a month ago. I was also thinking about maybe trying rosehip oil on the spots at night, but I'm not sure my face is dry enough yet for that. Good luck for starting your treatment, it is very exciting!
  10. Hey, just a question. I have no active pimples but I still have red spots all over my face where they used to be. Some have been there since last year. I don't remember having the redness for so long before. How long does it usually take for that to go away? Will it go away or can scarring be a red pigmentation? It would be sooooo nice not to have to wear make up now that I have no active pimples, but I feel like I have to to hide the red. Thanks )
  11. cassrose

    Day 17

    Yeah I had back pain in my first week but it went away. Dry lips do suck (I can't enjoy chocolate as much anymore). The nose bleed is weird, I haven't had any issues like that, but think I have read something about it on here at some point.
  12. Thanks Ialaland. I don't think they sell those here in New Zealand.I might ask at the pharmacy what they recommend! I have been using the coconut oil morning and night on my skin, my rash has gone down and my skin is baby smooth. I am noticing a difference in the redness of my pimples to. Am so far pretty happy and will keep trying it out. I have tried bio oil years ago and it broke me out in a terrible rash, I spoke to the chemist and she said its actually got chemicals in it and recommended
  13. cassrose

    Day 17

    Wow your on quite a bit more than me. How are your side effects? Its weird one check is better! Hopefully it all clears up soon. Good luck with you too ) Am keen to keep up on your progress too.
  14. cassrose

    Day 17

    So am now half way through week 2. Headaches and body aches are gone ) I have been drinking about 2lts of water a day, compared to my normal of none and am feeling good about that. In regards to my skin, one side has been looking better and smoother, the other side has a large pimple that is slowly drying out and have had 2 more little pimples pop up. I notice that new pimples go away a lot faster than they used to though. I am on a low dose of only 20mg, will be going up to 30 or 40 next
  15. Hey guys, I have two questions. The first is what do people use to remove make up? I currently at the end of the day cleanse my face with cetaphil but it isn't removing all of my make up. Any suggestions? My second question is about coconut oil. I have read rave reviews on its benefits and brought some yesterday. Put it on last night and woke up with big red dry patches on my cheeks, which is a reoccurring problem I have had, but one I managed to sort out on my first week of accutane. My
  16. I dunno what spring break is but we just have 3 weeks holiday between terms (4 terms) our year goes from feb - nov and we get summer holidays for 3 months. Its great. Thanks, am feeling much better and am even noticing an improvement in my skin, that may be the antibiotics?? I dunno. Its starting to get pretty dry and red but the achey and tiredness are gone. Yay ) How are you?
  17. Hey ) I have had the dry flaky problem recently to. I went to the shop and got help from the revlon lady who advised almay TLC. It has spf 15, is hypo allergenic and feels light and nice. When I tried this in the shop I got discouraged because I put it on like I normally would, wiping it over my face. The women there said that that is why my skin is looking more flaky, took the make up off and showed me how just using my fingers to dab it on worked sooooo much better. It takes longer but my
  18. Hey Hazel, I have used both types before accutane but personally I would go for the normal/dry skin one. I went make up hunting the other day as my skin is starting to dry up. I went in with the thought of getting colourstay but ended up getting Almay TLC make up. It doesn't provide the same complete coverage as colourstay but it feels light and nice on my skin and is hypo allergenic. The lady at the Revlon counter told me about it and said its made by Revlon but with people with sensitive,
  19. Hey Wildberry, I know exactly what the constant battle is like. Like you I have tried everything and finally thought it was time for accutane. I am 25 and have had acne since I was 11. I am on day 10 of 20mg now (going up to 30mg in the 2nd month) and really excited about how my skin is going to look in a couple of months. Would love to hear about how you are going over the next few months )
  20. Hi Earriaga, Don't be nervous! It's totally fine and dry lips and face are totally worth it to get clear. I know exactly how you feel about the struggling! Good luck on your first day, keep in touch and let me know how you go ) Good luck to you too )
  21. Hey guys, So today I had my 8th accutane pill. I am also taking antibiotics morning and night to try and stop some of the breakout that is bound to happen. I am taking a low dosage of 20mg in the first month (I weigh 50kg) and am going up to 30mg after that, or maybe 40 depending on how I am going. So with that I'll be on tane for around 8 months in total. Background - I am now 25 and have had acne since I was around 11. I have had periods where I had better skin, only 1 or 2 active pimple
  22. Thanks! Luckily today I have felt a lot better. My body must be starting to get used to it ) Luckily i'm on Uni holidays for the next 2 weeks so timing is perfect. Hope you are well.
  23. Yup 8 whole months! The doctor worked out I need a total of 7000mg so 1 month of 20mg then up to 30mg (maybe 40mg if ok). Wow that is crazy people have to pay that much! I love free health care, very lucky. No we don't, I have seen it mentioned a few times on here. I am finding that the stuff I have is not that great, am having to put it on all the time. I'm on day 7 now (night time here). I so far have dry eyes, dry lips and my face is starting to get dry. I have this reoccurring eczem
  24. Hey ) I just started Accutane as well. I'm in NZ and luckily there is no waiting (and its extremely cheap). Like you I have tried just about everything, I have had acne since I was 11 and I am now 25! My doctor basically said nothing else at my age is going to cure it, everything else will just mask it, so I decided to try accutane. The doctor has also given me anti biotics for the first 2 months to try and help the flare up of acne that happens in the first couple of months. I am now on my 4