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  1. In a few days , I'll be 3 weeks of tane , but in 2 days I have an appoiment at my derm , I think he will put me back on , if not I will tell him so , I mean the school starts in like less then 2 mouths and I CANT go to school like this , I will tell him to put me on 60 or 80 mg daily too. I hope it won't less long..what do you think? Hmm, yeah deff tell him you need back on it, because its gonna take awhile to get cleared up.. If your acne is worse then mine, I dont think you should do 80mg tha
  2. Hmmm youre IB was worse then mine? Dang I'm sorry because mine is awful... And are you on a antibiotic or prednisone? You're not suppose to Be on a antibiotic while on tane that might be why they took you off it for a little bit.. You should be fine how long have yu been off it? And thank you guys:)
  3. Thank youuu! And really? Thats wierd, I took pred, twice while on Accutane and once before starting Accutane.. I say about a month, then on the second month I went off the pred. and was soo scared my face was going to break out awful but it didnt. Thank god, It started clearing up about half way through the second month, actually now that I think about it, it prob. didnt really start clearing up till first of the thrird month.. But as you can see mine was afulll.. hopefully the derm will put you
  4. I know, its crazy!! Im so glad and happy! but it took alot to post those photos... Eh, but just goes to show how amazing this drug is and thank you
  5. Thanks hun It such a relief, you have no idea... Im SO happy, still wishin it will just all go away. Hopefully it will soon though! And oh yes, I do!!
  6. Before.... I cant believe im really posting these... These are disgusting, but heres to show anyone thats afraid to take Accutane, that they really should. It works wonders... Month 3!!!
  7. Ehh, hmm I say mine started to clear up around two months, I was also on Prednisone though.. 30mg seems kinda low though, how bad is your acne? I mean when I started mine was bad,bad,bad.... Im on day 97 now, I think. I still have cyst on my chin, just got over a huge yucky one on my cheek :/ my overall complextion though is just so much better then its been in a long time! I have pictures ive took through the whole thing, im waiting to post at the end of my Accutane journey! If I have the nerve
  8. Dont be scaredd! Its not that bad I promise! Once you start it, you will be like why was I making this such a big deal! Ive been on Accutane for 78 days today, and my face is not dry at all. I apply moisturizer maybe once every two weeks? I only apply it, when I need it! My arms and legs are more dry then my face is... And I wear alottttt of makeup, and my face looks fine. I promise its not so bad. There are so many bad stories about Accutane, that it just starts to get in youre head that its ba
  9. Day78!!! About everything is still about the same as if it was before. My face is breaking out very little. But I still have the small cyst in each side of chin, I also developed a bump above my lip which really hurts!!! My lips arnt to dry, just use Chapstick all the time. My eyes havnt been as dry as before but they are still kinda dry.. My face still has a red tint to it, but it looks 100 times better now then what it did before starting. I havnt had any negative side effects from accutane.
  10. LOL.. nah .. im just buggin. I dont know if its Accutane related or not but when I get mad I stop.. take a breath and ask my self what im so irritated about and if it was worth getting upset or not. I found that as long as I knew I was mad, I could calm down and think about the next words that came out of my mouth instead of just shouting about stuff. If you find your getting irritated just stop.. take a step back.. and breath. If your really frustrated, hit a pillow, kick the dog ... .... no
  11. Day 68::::: Wow, is all I have to say. So far this journey has been a ride.. I've gone from severe breakouts to none at all, to mild. My breakouts are random and come whenever they want lol. I don't have any big bumps I have some small cyst on each side of my chin and thats about it. They have been there since tarting Accutane and just won't go away I've also had a bad headache for the past 4 days, with pain in my eyes. Lik when I look around my eyes will hurt and make my head hurt, I'm not su
  12. Has anyone else on Accutane noticed their moods changing? Recently ive been noticing im always in a bad mood and mad about something. The easiest, most silly things piss me off. I always find myself yelling at something or someone and idk why Accutane, maybe? Anyone ever had this?
  13. I recently bought. Make Up Forever Matvelvet, and it makes your skin look sooo mat! Im on Accutane and my face isnt oily at all, I just bought this one because it says it was full coverage and my other make up, about half way through the day my face will look all gross because my makeup.With this makeup, my face looks mat alll day long, and it dont have that shiny effect to it. Its awesome! And it says its full coverage, but honestly its not I would say its medium coverage. I have a ton of red m
  14. I have pretty severe acne and recently I've been using Hourglass Veil mineral primer, it works amazing it goes on soo smooth. Then I use Makeup Forever Mat Velvet, it has good coverage, but I put a layer on and then go back and do another layer of it, I let it dry in between layers, then I use Smashbox Halo over it then after all that I use Make Up Forever Hd Microfinsh powder. I have also used Make Up Forever Hd primer I like it pretty well also... I know that seems like a lot but it actually
  15. Day 34!!!! Well I went back to the derm four days ago and got my new prescription she thought about upping my dose but since I had a bad IB she decided to wait and see how this month goes.. Hopefully it'll go good, and then I can go up a dose. Anyways my joint/back pain has gone away for now, I've had a headache off and on the past few days though.. Lips are not to terrible right now, it's bearable. I developed a cyst on my right cheek about a week ago and it's still there and it's very painfu