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  1. I was about to say no - no other changes but this was around the same time that I started intermittent fasting for other health reasons. I just skip breakfast really. I think I consume about the same calories per day but don't have any from 7:30 PM until 1:00 PM the next day. I never thought it had anything to do with the acne clearing up...but it certainly might. Since that is a permanent change (my other health condition will never go away) I don't have to worry about things reverting.
  2. 47 year old male here who used to get cystic type pimples usually in the T zone about twice a month or more. They would take a week or 3 to totally go away. I tried everything short of Accutane. About 5 years ago I saw some improvement with a washing and moisturizing routine but was still fighting those big ones a few times a month (ice, used early, was the only hope). About 2 years ago I finally got to the point that I wanted to try the thing that scared me the most - doing absolutely noth
  3. Just turned 41 and have been battling acne all adulthood and have not tried everything...but certainly lots of things. One thing I never did was use a moisturizer. I figured my face was too oily and actually had 2 dermatologists tell me not to bother with it. After a very uncessful attempt at Tazorac (going 14 weeks) I went to an esthetician for a facial and advice. She got me to buy some fancy skin care line (Eminence) and explained how important moisturizing is. Without the proper moisture
  4. Did not work for me.

    none for me made acne slightly worse I am a 40 year old male. I got some of the redness and peeling some people complain about but it wasn't bad. A few weeks in I did start to notice the "purging" I was warned about. It wasn't terrible - but was noticeable in that I was breaking out more in areas that I didn't usually. I stuck with it for the full 12 weeks (14.5 actually) and it never got better. Clearly this product did not work for me. When I went back to just using BP I got better within days
  5. Oh - because I am a guy. I knew girls would use makeup to cover up but I never considered it for 20+ years of dealing with occasional adult acne. (one big one at a time...sometimes two). A few months ago I got some Clearasil Adult Acne Tinted Cream just to see if it would be a good alternative to BP. It really wasn't (and smells bad) but did cover up the spots - so I started using it during the day only on the spots. The tone doesn't match my skin perfectly, and I am sure if someone got really
  6. Update: I decided to reduce my doasage of 75mg a day down to 50mg and it seems to be just as effective. I went for a general checkup today and asked the Dr. what he thought about it and he said he thinks 50mg a day is fine. (He had never heard of ballancing it with copper actually). He assumes I have a zinc deficiancy and that is why it is helping my skin so much. I will ask my dermatologist about it as well when I go back in the fall - but so far I would say this zinc is finally the big he
  7. I am taking Sundown Naturals Zinc (as Zinc Gluconate) 50 mg caplets (a total of 75 mg a day). In doing research online there was lots of confusing info about how much to take (some people didn't see results until they got up to 100 mg a day). I heard about balancing it with Copper over a certain mg - but I also read that the actual zinc absorbed in caplet form is much lower than advertised. I will be seeing my general care Dr. soon and will ask him about it. It dosn't seem to bother my stoma
  8. 40 year old male here. If not treated I would say a new zit will pop up each week and every other one will want to be an absolutely huge 4 week monster. My regimine is washing the face with various dandruff shampoos (also have flakey scalp due to seborrhic dermititis) a few times a week (mild cleanser otherwise). Twice a day I use clindamycin and 2.5 BP. When those 'weekly spots' want to pop up I find that ice is the best thing to stop them in their tracks. However, some still get through an
  9. They say "prevention is the key" but we have all tried so many things to prevent huge pimples with limited results. After many years I have decided the best defense is early detection and ice. What I do: 1. Detection: I check for new hot spots when I wash my face in the AM and at night. (feeling very closely with my fingers for any hint of swelling). I also splash my face with water after work (after washing my hands) and do a quick feel. Lastly I look in the mirror quickly during trips to th
  10. Longtime reader of these forums and figure that since I am finally getting clear I would share my story. I would get about 1 or 2 breakouts a month but the problem was that most of them were very big. Not sure if officially cystic, but it sure seemed like it. The older I got, the more I would convince myself that "this is the last one". The regimen has helped in the past few years but the big ones would still happen. I don't have to explain the frustration to you guys. A few years ago I we