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  1. Hi, I have tried exfoliating with scrubs and aha but seemed to get breakouts. I used to steam my face which helped but dont have as much time now. Can anyone recommend a product could purchase in the UK for exfoliation? Thanks.
  2. Hi, That is helpful. I came across information about how people changed their diet which led to no more acne. Have you tried prebiotic and probiotic foods?
  3. Most effective acne treatment I have come across

    Hi, I was not content with the results using Epiduo. It made my skin dry and negatively affected my complexion. I have found Aloe vera gel to be the most effective acne treatment. I wash my face with dove bar soap and then apply aloe vera gel once my face has dried. It does not dry my skin and my complexion has greatly improved. If you purchase an aloe vera gel tube please check the ingredients. I think it should only have two to four ingredients including aloe vera gel. 
  4. Thank you. That is helpful. I started taking approximately one teaspoon in the morning on an empty stomach a few days ago. I have found it has helped my acne and I feel I have more energy.
  5. Hi, I have read wheatgrass is good for powder and someone said drinking wheatgrass juice has cleared their acne. Has anyone used? Thanks.
  6. @LJ thank you for your message. Can Aloe Vera be used as a moisturiser? @idkidkidk. Thank you! I use scosmetics cleanser and moisturiser. They are available in Tesco stores in the UK. They are salycylic acid based products.
  7. Hi, I do not think it is common knowledge as such. I do not think you should blame yourself as you did not know and you did not do so deliberately.
  8. Hi, I guess I felt tired of applying my acne treatment. I do not want to continue with this acne treatment for the rest of my life. I thought I would consult a Homeopathic Doctor as Homeopathy is herbal medicine with no side effects. I visited a Homeopathic Doctor. He had a look at my acne. He informed me that I should not eat beef as that aggravates acne. I should not eat dry food, it should have gravy to aid digestion. I should eat more vegetables and less meat. I should avoid spice. He st
  9. Hi, It seems that you are using too many products. I think you should use a cleanser, toner and moisturiser. You could add an acne treatment in the evening. You could use an AHA cleanser in exchange for your standard cleanser twice a week. Epiduo seemed to work for me. However, recently I was prescribed homeopathic medicine (Dr Reckeweg R53) by a homeopathic doctor. Thank God it seems to be working. He advised to make dietary changes. I am hoping to stop using the Epiduo. It could be that th
  10. Hi, You may find that some of the treatments prescribed by the doctor do not work. For me epiduo seemed to work. It is a topical cream. However recently i saw a homeopathic doctor who prescribed Dr Reckeweg R53 which are drops. I have been taking them for almost 16 days and thank God i have noticed an improvement.
  11. I feel the same sometimes. Please never think that you are unlovable. No individual is unlovable. Acne can make one feel depressed but please keep trying to find a treatment that works for you. If you keep taking positive action to treat your acne, hopefully you will start to feel happier. My doctor prescribed me epiduo which has helped me.
  12. Hi, I am sorry to hear that. I guess people who do not suffer with acne do not understand how we feel, whether they are adults or children?
  13. Hi, I can relate with you to some extent. I was in a similar state some years ago. It can be tough to deal with acne but we must attempt to stay strong and positive. I think exercise helped me a lot with my confidence. Do you work out? Whatever happens please never give up! Different treatments work for different people. You may not have found a treatment which suits your skin but that does not mean that you will never find it. I found that the cleanser and mosituriser I used could contribute
  14. Sorry for the late response. Thank you for your response.