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  1. I do think it could be a mental disease for some people not all. I can relate to some of the things existed has said. I have known and have read many stories of people clearing up their acne by just clearing up their emotions. Everyone's acne is different, some could be a reaction to food or product or many other possibilities. But I truly believe my acne is majority related to my emotions. I 100% agree with the placebo thing that exister has mentioned, I don't think you're crazy at all. Some pe
  2. I wouldn't call your acne moderate, it's more on the mild side. Do you use any shaving creams? Try changing your toothpaste to a natural one that doesn't have sls and fluoride. Your pimples arr mostly on your lips and chin that's why. Use Aztec Indian healing clay with acv as a spot treatment. Works quite well. Has your diet or stress levels changed recently?
  3. Yeah I think my emotions plays a big role in my acne. I'm currently taking vitamin d, fish oil and probiotics. Washing my face with oatmeal. These do help but it doesn't cure my problem. What about you?
  4. I'd say my acne fluctuate from mild to moderate. It was severe at one stage but that's when I was really really depressed about something in my life and depressed about my acne too. Now that I have calmed down a bit the acne seemed to calm down with it. It's just the marks and I probably still get like one pimple a day. Back then I would have at least 20 pimples on my face at once now it's probably 2-3 at a time. I don't think diet plays a major role in my acne. I did try to eat healthy for a fe
  5. Have you looked into bcp or Spiro? I've seen a lot of success stories when it comes to hormonal acne. I'm a guy so Idk what to take to lower my teresterone.
  6. Are you a guy or girl? Sorry cos girls can get high teresterone as well. I suspect that I have high teresterone too probably due to stress. My symptoms are like mood swings, depression and I can get angry at the littlest things. I'm gonna go get it tested too soon
  7. I read that somewhere online as well lol but probably going for a test is a better option
  8. So a girl can take bcp or Spiro to control their acne which I've seen a lot of success stories. What can guys take to lower their teresterone and what causes it to be high? Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  9. So you cured your acne by doing some yoga and positive affirmation? Can you explain more about the yoga in detail or is there any video link? Thanks
  10. That is disgusting. I am so sorry. There aren't even words. I'm just so sorry. If it helps, everyone else in the bank probably thought she was a disgusting old bitch for treating you that way. When my acne was really severe I had customers walk away instead of getting served by me as well. It was extremely upsetting. I don't even understand what they think. Do they think it's contagious? That is so horrible! I'm so sorry this happened. Some people really have no idea... I hope you're
  11. What are you using atm? How is your diet and lifestyle, give us more information so people can give you some advice
  12. I feel so crushed today, I had a customer today who didnt just comment on my acne but pretty much embarrassed me in front of everyone, I work at a bank so I always have to put on a smile even though when customers are a total jerkoffs, well this lady in her 80s, I told her to come to me so i can serve her and help her out with her transactions, she came close to me and said nope I want to be served by a different person, I was confused so I just said OK that fine, so she walked off and 10 secs l
  13. I found this on a forum, She pretty much explains how she tried so many things to cure her acne but nothing worked and the only thing that helped her was being happy and "letting go" of her problems. This has cleared up her skin, some people might think this is bs but I totally buy into this theory of hers. Because I have noticed whenever I forget about my acne and just live my life it does somewhat gets better but when I complain or pay too much attention staring at myself in the mirror like 20
  14. I feel you bro, I feel like this every single day.. I do try to stay positive but at times its just really hard, on the vacation did you do anything different? Your diet? the way you wash your face? or did you go to the beach alot? Ive seen many people on this forum claiming their acne dissapeared after going on vacation and being out in the sun and swimming in the ocean really helped their skin. Try to pin point what you did differently.
  15. I've had many customers tell me to use this and that, drink more water, eat more vegetables and I'm thinking to myself I probably drink more water and eat more veggies than they do every single day. I guess most of their intentions are good but they just dont know how painful and embarrassing it is for us when they do that. ESPECIALLY when theres other customers around and they all stare at your face