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  1. Greetings. First of all I would like to say that the regimen I am currently using is based off the brilliant sticky which details Dos and Don'ts about products. I also started a thread quite a few months back now asking for advice which also helped me devise said regimen. It consists of Medik8 OneClease facial wash (D&N), Paula's Choice 1% BHA gel (N), Paula's Choice Gel Moisturiser (N..sometimes D) and a Paula's Choice SP15 cream (D). My need for assistance stems from the fact that a
  2. For the love of God this! Apart from red marks and a papule once every month or so this is my main contention. They seem to appear randomly (it's not diet) around my nose area, they're always small and don't put up much of a fight when I try to remove them. They are annoying though and lessen the appearance of my overall complexion. pls help anniej and I
  3. If you're going out with him and he shows an adverse reaction to your back I would't stick around him. You shouldn't worry though, I'm 99% sure he isn't a shallow and heartless individual.
  4. In the main post it states not to use Sodium Lauryl Sulfate. Is this the same as Sodium Laureth Sulfate? If this is the case, then this ingredient is present in nearly all of Paula's Choice's cleansers. Products that have been suggested in the same post that chastises the Sodium Sulfate products. Would it be possible for anybody to clear this up, either from experience of using the products in question or knowing a little about chemistry. CHEEEEEEEEEEERS
  5. Unless you ate a carrot, a slice of ham and an apple AND ran a marathon there's no way after four days that you could lose enough weight to feel physically weak. If you want to see change you have to persevere! Good luck with it.
  6. One slight query, how do you make the green tea if you aren't supposed to be drinking water?
  7. http://www.acne.org/messageboard/index.php/topic/102347-biggest-mistakes-people-make-to-treat-acne/ This thread here mentions that lemon is a skin irritant. I wouldn't try it personally. I would seek a less irritating method to get rid of the scars.
  8. What are you doing to your face while you're in the shower? Maybe it's too hot and causing the the puss to come to the surface similar to steaming. Then when you dab them with a towel you rupture the surface and cause them to leak out.