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  1. Wow 30 years is a long time you must be so happy now =) im glad things worked out fine for you. Do you know of any good sunscreen that you could recommend for me? Many thanks in advance.
  2. i feel your pain bro, i have been feeling so down because of my acne to. But i cant stay home i go to college sometimes i just want to miss classes but i just cant i just deal with it. i dont go out on the weekends though i just stay home which sucks i use to always be out. i went to my dermatologist yesterday and i got prescribed isotretinoin and i start next thursday hopefully that will make my pain go away. dont give up though im sure this will all be over soon.
  3. Hey thank you for your respond very informative. And i live in Cali so it gets pretty darn hot out here and summer is right around the corner, do you think i should use a sunscreen? Im not going to be out much but just incase? Btw are you on the medication to?
  4. Hey there, so i had and appointment today in the morning and my derm saw that i wasn't satisfied with my results and that my back has been getting more breakouts & it sucks because i don't even pick at them and they leave marks. Also my face hasn't been clearing up and its leaving me some marks too(annoying). So she decided to put me on isotretinoin for the next 6 months Im really nervous but excited. I heard lots of good & bad stories about this medicine thats why. So i got my next appo
  5. Hey i actually used differin cream and it didn't work me sad to say. It made my skin so red and i couldn't even wash my face the next morning without it stinging.. it help prevent acne but it didn't help with the active ones. I dont have insurance either so differin was expensive and its sad because it didnt really work for me. But im glad it worked for you.
  6. Haha your blog made me laugh. But sounds like your derm is like mines he keeps prescribing the same shit to me which was doxy and retin A but it doesnt even work for me.. i made an appoitment with another dermatologist tomorrow and imma ask her about accutane hopefully i get it and so do you =) If i dont get it imma drive to Tj and go see a derm down there lol.. But i know how you feel about not fitting in i dont work but i go to college and it sucks im suppose to be enjoying my life right now b
  7. Hey there =) And yes i have spoken to him about accutane, but he said no he doesn't prescribe that drug. Because all the lawsuits and it messes up your liver and brain damaged and what not but idk ive been seeing some accutane storys on youtube and the results are crazy good. My derm wants to keep me on antibiotics but wtheck there not even functioning. hes a dick... i think i might find a new dermatologist because i dont want to be kept on doxycycline and tazorac. But i heard there not giving
  8. Sorry for the big pictures and the lighting my phone kinda sucks.
  9. Im 18 now and im really tired of my skin problems. ive had acne since i was 16 and im about to be 19, i really dont know what to do ive tried lots or regimens and facewashs, retin a, diferrin, doxy, bactrim. I go to college and its so hard for me to go since i have acne and all the girls and guys have clear skin =(. I've met new friends and everything but its so hard for me to be social with people since im not confident i have low self esteem it really sucks. i choose to stay home and not go o
  10. i dont think accutane help fade marks or does it?
  11. Hey there im in LA also which dermatalogist did you attend?