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  1. [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ysP12O8D8lA This Video was very informative to me, thought you guys might enjoy it.
  2. Heres a more recent picture, although this lighting is a tad more forgiving than the harsh flourecent lighting. ill upload more pics soon, this ones just off my fb and im at work so yea
  3. wow its been awhile since i logged onto my account and all i can say is thank you for all the tips! I have really been working on making my face improve still, still been washing twice a day, exfoliating, and using some post shave moisturizer which helps with redness right after a shower, I found that the sun did sorta help to some extent, although it did make some spots darker, I am insured now through my company which was an issue before cuz i couldnt go to the dermotologist without paying a
  4. yea ive heard nothing but bad about laying in the sun, haha, but who knows. I am going to go and try to see this dermatologist and see if I have any options to remove a majority of these red marks/scarring or at least fade them with some microderm or a chemical peel possibly, I dont think I am bad enough for dermabrasion tho.
  5. Good advice becoming thank you. I actually am a lot less pale than this picture shows I have an olive skin tone so.the marks are just soo red ive heard mixed things from microderm and I really dont know if its worth the money or not for now time and acv are my friends but that can only do so much i? gonna try to see a dermotologistand see what he will recommen but for now does anyone know any good fading creams? Excuse my fail typing lol my phone sucks
  6. Thanks lachesis , i always read that red marks look worse with a tan?
  7. Only luck I have had so far when It came to evening out my skin tone is Apple Cider vinegar, I've been using it about 3 times now, almost every time I have used it I noticed a significant increase, my skin isnt very sensitive so I only Dilute it at a 1:1, but depending on your skin most people are good at the 1:3 range. I definitely recommend it, also be sure to exfoliate.
  8. Does anyone believe that my regimen could use improvement and if so how? Are there just some red marks that just need time or can all be improved significantly with a red mark fading regimen?
  9. yea, I exfoliate with this neutrogena microdermbrasion kit, I also have been applying acv as my toner after cleansing with BP soap, and moisterizing with some honey leaving it on for 30mins to an hour depending on how dry my skin feels. It's made some changes, but I am wondering if this method is affective or does anyone else have anything to add that may make it more affective? I have tried Lemon, baking soda, and several regimens I beat the acne, but the marks fading is another thing I seem
  10. Do you think all the red marks that are visible will go away or are some of them permanently discolored?
  11. I've been battling acne for about 4 or 5 years now and I've got it pretty under control now, I've used a proactive regimen and am now down to just taking doxcline and cleaning my face twice daily and moisturizing, as well as exfoliating 3 times a week, but I really cant seem to get rid of these red marks, its been about 2 years in the making of them less visible, but nothing is getting rid of them, I've considered Microdermabrasion, but I have a neutrogena home kit for that, and Idk if getting