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  1. Bishy:) It's early days yet. I experienced the same. I doubt you're allergic to BP since you didn't react to it immediately, so this is probably just an initial breakout. And, if you hang in there, it promises to be your last major one. Give it about 6 weeks really to kick in. Good luck:)
  2. Hi Jason. It looks like post inflamatory hyperpigmentation marks to me (there's a whole section on this on the main acne.org page - check it out). It should fade over time, but maybe you can help it along with an AHA? I had a similar issue, and NeoStrata Pigment Lightening gel has sped the healing process along for me. I still have fairly uneven skin tone, but isolated spot marks now rather than big blotches of unevenness that I used to have (I "burnt" myself with pure strength tea tree oil a
  3. Hey there. It seems to me like you decided to take Accutane long before you started this post. And maybe just needed some sort validation for your choice? Own your choices bro. That's how life is lived Good luck to you, and I hope your dermatologist gave you the full picture. My experience with Accutane is limited to the box of the stuff I stuck in the back of my closet when I couldn't bring myself to take it so I can't comment either way. I can only respect the choice you have made for yours
  4. Thanks for the post Green. As it happens, I am clear now on BP. The box of pills is still in the back of my closet. Like a monster that lurks in the dark. LOL So sorry to hear about your friend! Gosh that must have sucked for her! Decision made: I will never take it. Of course I have no illusions abut BP, and I am not at all at ease with the idea that if I stop using it, I'll break out again. I've made some lifestyle changes though, including quitting a contraceptive that was probab
  5. OMG I so know the feeling! I'm basically clear now, but my hyperpigmentation is so bad that I still look pretty horrrible without make up. I was lucky I didn't get indented scars so with make up, my skin looks perfect. And people always tell me what nice skin I have and how pretty I am cos they can't see my leaopard spots underneath, and I feel like such a fraud My boyfriend is one of the few people who ever get to see me with no make up on, and because of that I NEVER believe him when he says
  6. I think the word is self-conscious, rather than obsessed. When I first broke out, I think I was 20 (ya I know, right at the end of my teens, figures), I just figured it would go away and honestly didn't bother with it for a along time. Then one day I looked at myself and I just felt so ugly. And worse for not realising it was so bad for so long. And then the craziness with treatments started. Name a food, and I've put it on my face. Over the counter stuff, been there! And then I did get clear,
  7. At its worst, my acne was this exact ratio: 95% acne, 5% normal facial skin. I had classes everyday and I didn't miss a sIngle one. I got my Honours degree at the end of that year. It wasn't easy, don't get me wrong. I'm just saying, I have a good job now because of my education, I can afford a dermatologist (although I haven't had the best experience with them to be honest), and I do okay for myself. I also happen to be 90% clear now on BP, but I have really bad PIH, and as much as I hate usin
  8. Agreed. Have a little patience. BP does amazing things in week one. And kinda jsut seems to stop for two weeks after that. That's when when you get the itching and the dryness too. It'll be worth it at about week 4. I'm at week 9 and am only now starting feel happy about my face.
  9. No problem. We're all on this journey. Keep clearing up
  10. Hey there. So glad the regimen is working for you! That's great news. As for make up, I'm afraid there is a time in the regimen (around 2 weeks) when your skin is just too dry to look great with make up on. I went through the same thing. The only thing you can do is amp your moisturiser! My super moisturiser is Cetaphil ultra hydrating lotion. I think it's for the body but it's worked for me. Other than that, just wait it out and your skin won't be so dry at the end of 3 weeks on the regimen.
  11. So after 8 weeks on the regimen (and very good results), I went to a dermatologist with about 5 pimples on my entire face. Needles to say I was feeling pretty good and thought he'd concentrate on the PIH marks and give me something for that. He took one look at me and sad: ROACCUTANE. Then he pulled out that "no pregnacny pledge" and made me sign it, and quickly scribbled the presciption and I was on my way. The entire consultation took about 2 minutes, and he didn't even ask me anything abou
  12. Benzac AC 5% Benzoyl Peroxide by Galderma (I this they're the same guys that make Cetaphil). Good stuff that
  13. Not to mother-smother you, but I remember a similar post from you a short while ago. If these hook-ups are your thing then that's cool, but just make sure you protect yourself. Or else you'll end up with far bigger problems than acne.
  14. Ok cool I really hope it's going to work for me too. I'm in South Africa though, sometimes things get discontinued in the US and other parts of the world and we still get them here, or they jsut vary the name a little bit. In any case, the active ingredient is the same, so it's basically the same thing. I can't wait to see results!