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  1. Oh my gosh..it is amazing. What a great product! It has not broken.me out. It evens out my skin tone ...I am so glad I found something with Spf in it that works. Give it a try guys!
  2. Hi! yeah i've tried a CC cream by Olay. the coverage is very sheer, barely covers anything if you have a lot of blemishes. I don't think I broke out with it, but it didn't help eliminating my acne either ( if that makes sense)I am currently using MISSHA Perfect cover BB Cream (spf 42) in #31. It gives pretty good coverage plus it doesn't give me a grayish/pinkish/ ghostly mask like other BB creams do. #31 is a shade suited for tan/dark skinned people, but they have lighter shades as well. Thank
  3. Has anyone tried a CC CREAM??? It is suppose,to be better than BB. I think i am going to try Rachel K cc cream. If anyone has already tried this please reply back. Thanks
  4. Cao Darija! Ja sam koristila cijeli regimen. Sada samo uzinam cleanser, moist. I jojoba oil. Ja isto uzim anti bebi tablete. To mi je mnogo pomoglo. Imam samo one crvene scars, ali polako nestaju. Ako imas jos ikakvi pitanja posalji mi facebook poruku, ako imas. Ime: Meli Mlivic. Jeli ti zivis u BIH?
  5. Thank you so much. I will be going to my local health store to buy. I saw on you tube , people mix milk and turmeric powder for mask. I will try this!!!
  6. Thank you. This looks awesome!! Can't wait!!
  7. I checked out the website. Not sure how I feel about the package purchases they have. If you end up buying and trying it ,please let us know
  8. For you guys that stopped the BP, what do you use? How come Dan's skin looks so clear, no red marks. His regimen helped me so much with my breakouts. Yes i still have acne marks but they look like they are fadin. I only use the BP every other night. Could it be possible that the BP or moisturizer(since it has jojoba in it) is helping my marks. Or am i just crazy, lol. Any one had success with red marks fading with bp,moisturizer?
  9. Hi Crab, Where do you get your Jane iredale makeup, what do you use? Do they have samples?
  10. Has anyone tried this shine control, silicone free,paraben free,hd primer? It's all natural I guess. I saw great reviews. I just ended up ordering it.
  11. Where can i get this? Thank you!