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  1. Hey Nicole!! Glad to hear your moods are better!! Yes I am very pleased with my results. The only side effects I have had is dry skin around my chin and neck and chapped lips. I use cetaphil lotion too! I put it on and my dry skin looks so much better. My lips I can keep looking good with aquaphor and bag balm. I go to my derm on Thursday so I am going to ask her if I can stay on 20mg for 6 months or if she is going to bump me up to 40mg. I don't know if I just want to take a larger dose an
  2. evg5gd

    Day 23

    Thanks so much! Yes I have not touched any sort of alcohol! I am trying to eat healthy too and get plenty of sleep while on this med. Have a great day!
  3. Hey Nicole! Was just reading your blog and wanted to say hi! Are your moods any better? How is your dry skin? I am starting week 4 of 20mg and I am loving it so far! I was going to ask my derm when I go next week to get bloodwork if I can do 20mg for 6 months like you are doing. I really like the low dosage and my skin is looking great with minimal side effects. Do you mind if I ask you how much you weigh? I weigh 100lbs or 45kg so I was wondering if 6 months of 20mg will be enough for the 120
  4. evg5gd

    Day 23

    The first month on accutane is flying by!! Feeling great so far...only side effects are dried lips and mild dry skin on my chin and neck. Best news is I am 100% clear! I woke up the last 5 days with not one zit! My skin is looking great...hoping it is too late in my treatment to get the dreaded initial breakout!! A month before I started Accutane I had counted the zits on my face and it was 22. Today almost a month in I am perfectly clear! Have a derm appointment next week to get blood work d
  5. evg5gd

    Day 14

    2 WEEKS DOWN!! I can't believe it took me almost 10 years to convince myself to take this drug! The only side effect I have experienced is dry lips. The oil production on my face has significantly decreased! I can not wait to continue on and see continued improvements in my skin. Will update you when I go to my one month appointment with the derm.
  6. Hey Lily! I just finished my first week of 20mg and so far no side effects. Congrats on finishing your first month and getting your dosage increased! After my month of 20mg I am going to 40mg too so I am interested to hear what you think of the 40mg. Have a great day!
  7. evg5gd

    Day 7

    One week complete of Accutane!! Not really much to mention....No side effects so I am happy! My skin is about the same. I had maybe three new pimples surface over the week but they were small and healed in a day. Not sure if that was because of Accutane. Will report more next week!
  8. Yay!! Good luck with tonight's pill-be careful of that evil packaging. :) Yay!! Good luck with tonight's pill-be careful of that evil packaging. :) Thanks Stacey!!! Oh my husband and I ripped through the boxes the first day I got them!! I couldn't deal with getting them out of that packaging everyday!!! I just put my 30 day supply in an old pill case. Hope you have a great weekend....oh and I totally agree we are lucky to have Gina and betsy as our doctors!! They have great wisdom!
  9. Hey everyone, thanks so much for the advice....drank a ton of water last night and this morning and the weird throat sensation went away! Going to take my third pill tonight with dinner so hoping it doesn't come back and it was just a fluke!
  10. Hey, yeah I have had that happen to me too many times to count. Not with accutane but with other pills. Usually with the little ones. I feel like they are stuck there but really I don't think they are. One time I took a ibuprofen and I swore it was stuck in my throat. To the point I went to the doctor the next day because I still felt it. She looked down my throat and said it looked inflamed and sent me to the emergency room to have a ENT scope my throat. Horrible experience. Seriously stuck a t
  11. Hi Elizabeth, it's Stacey. I haven't had that happen to me but I do know that any pill or medicine can irritate your thoat so it's not uncommon. Do all your other pills, like vitamins and such, now bother you too or just the accutane? If it's not bothering you too bad than it's probably just going to calm down on it's own. Did your derm say what to do for it? I would probably just drink lots of water, maybe even some milk would coat your throat a little. Maybe even suck on some candy or a
  12. Hey Girls, I have a really weird question for all of you....has anyone taken their accutane pill and felt that it did not go down all the way, like it was stuck in their throat? I know that sounds a bit bizarre but yesterday and tody after I have taken it I felt like it is stuck in my throat. I took it both times a meal and a large glass of water. And I have never had problems taking pills before! I take those large fish oil pills you were talking about with NO problem! I called my doctor t
  13. Thanks so much Stacey!!! I am on drugstore.com right now stocking up on all the products everyone is talking about!! I have spent more money on products for accutane then the actual $12 I spent on the generic drug!! hehehe!
  14. Hey Veruca Salt! Thanks so much for your blog! I started 20mg today. Thanks for the bag balm rec! I am going to look into getting that. Did you ever decide or find a shampoo and conditioner that is good for dry scalp? That is one thing that I need to get! Hope I do as well as you my first month on 20mg!!!
  15. evg5gd

    Day 1

    Yes that would be great! I will follow your blog as well! So excited to hear it is working for you! That is great news