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  1. jen76

    TCA peel

    Thanks for the advice. I start peeling after day 3, does that make a difference? when does the redness subside? thanks
  2. jen76

    TCA peel

    Thanks for the feedback. After I went back to the doc, after 5 days she decided to do another peel because the prior peel didn't go deep enough. I'm on day of 5 of this peel and have some concerns. With this peel, I have had some premature peeling on my chin and lower cheek. My skin is red and irritated. Based upon what I've read on some other sites, you have a higher likelihood of scarring if you have premature peeling. I am totally freaking out that I may have keloid scarring from the peeli
  3. jen76

    TCA peel

    Ok..It's day 3 and my skin looks horrible. My skin is starting to flake off. How long does it take before all the dry skin has peeled off? I'm hoping that it will start to look normal in a day or so.
  4. jen76

    TCA peel

    Thanks for all the advice
  5. jen76

    TCA peel

    My dermatologist performed a 30% TCA peel on my whole face. I’ve read through other postings and in the postings it mentioned that after the peel they experienced scabbing that fell off after a few days. So far my skin hasn’t scabbed over, however, my skin very dry and looks very cracked. My dermatologist said that I should expect my skin to start peeling over the next few days. Is this normal? Thanks
  6. Hi, My dermatologist is going to perform a 20 -30% TCA on me. She told me to take Thursday and Friday off from work to recover over a long weekend. I’ve read through some postings were it took up to 10 days to recover from the peel. If I have the peel done on Wednesday and take Thursday/Friday off to recover over a long weekend, will that be enough time to recover. I don’t want to return to work with a face full of scabs! If by Monday, I look like I have a bad sun burn, then I a
  7. I have mild scarring on my checks from Accutane. I've been off accutance for 8 months and am researching scar treatments. I would appericate any suggestions. Thanks.
  8. Thanks for the feedback. I'll try applying it on directly on my scars instead of my hold face. Thanks for advice.
  9. I just bought TCA peel 12.5% for a few mild scars that I have on my cheek. I was wondering if anyone has had any luck using such a low % on their scars. By using such a low % should I expect the same amout of down time as if I had used a higher %. Thanks
  10. I have read that amino-plex spray or copper pepptide is a safe treatment to use after you finish accutane. I have been off accutane for 2 months and would like to a treatment for my scars. I have a few shallow rolling scars on my check. I know that I can't use any other scar treatments until i have been off accutane for 6 months. Are these products ok for me to use so soon after using accutane or are there any other products that you would recommend? Also, where could I buy either of these pro
  11. I am new to this forum. There is a lot of good information on acne scar treatment and accutane. I finished my last dose of Accutane about a month ago and am completely clear. (My acne was fairly mild, but I had been struggling with it for years.) The only problem now is that on my right cheek there are red marks and what looks to be mild scarring. I am extremely embrassed by it! I have been told by family and friends that it is hardly noticeable, but I am very self-consicous of it. I have