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  1. Don't you just hate how acne can mess with your life? It is horrible. I sometimes wonder why it even exists. It's like roaches. Ugly, gross, useless and when you find one, more are sure to come! I just don't wanna keep going with this hell. Retin A has helped with the few lines that stress has already given me. So I wanna use it after accutane but right now my skin needs to get clear before it scars. My pores seem really enlarged from all the "purging" that's been happening from retin a. Does
  2. I guess so! I don't get the nodular ones. That looks scary and extremely painful! The retin A has kept me from getting any of the cystic ones and now it's just these little freakin white heads and little pimples everywhere that wont seem to come up! I hear accutane is perfect for that. I look like I have a pimple rash! Yuck! I am also in a very high stress job which had caused my extremely thick hair to thin a bit. I am required to pull my hair up daily and wear a hat....so it isn't too good fo
  3. I workout a lot! I'm actually kind of a gym rat. I eat a lot also, my metabolism is so fast it's hard to keep up with so I am forced to eat a lot so I don't end up looking like a bean pole. The hard ones are usually pretty small. Luckily. And yes, I am getting on accutane really soon. I just had to go through the dumb month of "using your birth control method." being a girl sometimes sucks. I have no scarring yet. I am hoping to avoid it by getting rid of this once and for all! And Retin A i
  4. I am a police officer in the Army. So I always have to see people and I feel so unprofessional with globs of make up on to hide the red marks/acne. I feel like people don't take me seriously. It isn't severe. It's mild? No cysts, or nodules. Just red inflamed pimples ew. I am not sure why I am being put on such a high dose, but I'm also not complaining. I hear all the crappy stories about people's struggle to get accutane prescribed. I basically just asked and received! So I'm lucky. I fee
  5. I'm in the military and fortunately have amazing health insurance that covers everything 100%. I am so thankful for this too after reading about less fortunate people unable to access the great medical care I am provided. I'm pretty small. About 120 lbs, 5'2". I got a but nervous about being thrown into 60. I'm thinking of talking him down to 40 to start! I have some prescribed antibiotics I quit taking cause I felt they weren't doing anything. Maybe I just wasn't giving them time. I think I
  6. Oh wow! Only a month and you're all clear except for red marks? That's exciting! And I guess I am not sure what rosehip is? But I have a question, did the retin A help you avoid an "IB" on accutane? Because retin A wreaked havoc on my skin. It's great for smoothing out the spots, but it gave me such a bad breakout I gotta try something better! I can't imagine any initial breakout being worse than what retin a does :\
  7. I wonder if retin A would help that after accutane? I start mine soon, and I'm excited. I know retin A gave my face hell....but it clears up spots nicely. So maybe since there's nothing to "push out", retin A could be the spot removing, and also awesome age fighting component you're looking for?
  8. Hello! I am beginning my first round of accutane in about 20 days (22yr female). I'd say I have mild/moderate acne. Not nodular or cystic even though I do sometimes get these bumps that hurt and are hard? Not sure what to call it. Anywho, I have been on Retin A for over 2 months now and this initial breakout is just horrible. I keep reading about accutanes IB, which scares the crap out of me after the mess Retin A put on my face! So I was wondering if anyone knew if using Retin A before accut