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  1. Kat

    Kat's Regime

    This are still looking great. My skin is the best that it has been in years!!! I've also found that now that I've got my skin looking good I can ease up on my regime a little bit. Things are still pretty much the same except that I don't apply the Dettol cream at night any more and in the mornings I only have to apply a very small amount. I also didn't keep up with my supplements...though I am hoping to start them again soon just cause I think they are good for my overall help. I tried post
  2. Yes and no... at least with even a thousand red marks i can look decent with makeup... whereas no amount of makeup can make a face full of pimples look good, at least not mine I know that eventually my red marks will fade, but when you have a face full of acne you can only hope that it will one day be gone.
  3. Best cleanser I've ever used. It even beats my beloved Burts Bees Wild Lettuce Soap that I'm always raving about. I was hesitant to use it at first because I used to be big on "a gentle cleanser is a good cleanser" and Neutrogena Pore Refining Cleanser is somewhat abrasive aswell as containg both SA and GA. But then my cleanser ran out so I started using my sisters because I was too busy to be bothered running down to the shops. After just one week I saw a big improvement in my skin. My
  4. Kat

    Kat's Regime

    Things are still looking up!!! I have to admit that I've been a bit lazy recently and haven't been taking my supplements (although I was always pretty sporadic in taking them) and sometimes just wash my face with warm water in the morning or before I go to bed (if I didn't wear makeup that day) BUt my skin is still looking good. I'm still getting one or two pimples at a time but this is so much better than what my skin used to be like, I am so much more confident and my obsession with the s
  5. Kat

    Kat's Regime

    Yup I'm working on it But in the meantime you're just going to have to take my word for it I am so happy my skin hasn't been this good in about a year. But I'm still being guardedly optimistic. Maybe after it's stayed this way for a month or two I'll really believe that it might just be the real deal. Over the past 6 years my skin has gotten clear twice with each lasting for a year maybe a year and a half. The first time I started breaking out again was because I stopped the medication
  6. Kat

    Kat's Regime

    This "regime" has been developed gradually over a period of about 3 maybe 4 months. All the products above have had a positive impact on my acne, if I had to rate them I would say 1. Dettol - Soothing Antiseptic Cream; 3 months - Prevention/Antibacterial Is most important in preventing acne/ fighting bacteria. when I first started using it I would apply it all over my face once a day. Now I just use it on my trouble zones and any active or healing acne 2.Neutrogena - Pore Refining Cleanser;
  7. Kat

    Kat's Regime

    Background Info Female, 22 Skin condition Before- moderate/severe active acne, redmarks, pockmarks Now - mild active acne, redmarks and pockmarks Soon - (hopefully) no acne, no redmarks, pockmarks diminished REGIME MORNING -Shower and gently exfoliate face with Facial Buff Puff -"Cleanse" face with Oxy Medicated Wipe maximum strength (2% SA) - Spot treat active acne with Dettol Soothing Antiseptic Cream (PCMX, Triclosan) - Moisturise (Olay Moisturis
  8. I have the same problem I believe it has something to do with sleeping on the left side of my face creating a better breeding ground for bacteriaor something. I change my pillow case every few days but it didn't seem to make much difference. Something that has helped recently is using Dettol Soothing Antiseptic cream twice a day (once in the morning and once just before going to bed) and applying a mix of Queen Helene Mint Julep mask and Calamine Lotion all over the left side.
  9. I don't think that you are really using all that much acid at all. It all depends on how sensitive your skin is. I personally use 2% SA cleansing wipes every morning like you, and a cleanser with both GA and SA at night and resurfacing cream with both GA and SA also every night. Plus I want to get my hands on some 30% GA to help with my scars and work my way up to maybe 70%... I'm a bit of an acid junky I guess So as long as your skin is improving and not being overly irritated than I thin
  10. thanks for your input ylem....BUT i went ahead and bought it anyway How long did you try it for and did you use the one with or without retinol? I went out and bought the Gamma Hydroxy Forte yesterday and applied it for the first time last night. At the risk of sounding deluded by overenthusiasm i can actually notice a difference in my skin. I never believe people when they say they notice a difference in their skin after applying something only once... I always dismiss them as being either
  11. Used a 1:2 ACV solution for about 5 months... it helped with my acne at first but not over the long term and when I stopped using it my acne didn't get any worse, so in my experience it wasn't a very effective treatment. Also did very little for red marks... it helped slightly but not really worth the effort for me BUT!!... To be fair I should mention that although the ACV I used was organic it wasn't the cloudy kind with that weird cobwebby thing known as the "mother" (how crazy is that!) w
  12. Icing definately does reduce inflammation/ the size of a pimple. I use BP 5% as a spot treatment, applying a big glob to any active acne at night just before going to bed...so icing after using BP wouldn't really work for me. I tend to use ice mostly in the mornings before I apply my makeup. What I do is once I've finished applying all my topicals, I wrap an ice cube in some glad wrap and press it onto any spots. I find that my acne is most inflammed/irritated after having applied all my topic
  13. I like using facial buffs. I used to used to use one 2-3 times a week for over a year but hadn't used one for about 6 months... I can't really remember why I stopped... then I started using one everyday for about 3 weeks now and it's been great. What I like most about the Facial buff or Buff puff is that they aren't another "product" meaning it doesn't have any ingredients that may harm, dry, irritate my skin... it's just pure exfoliation. And you can determine the strength of the exfoliati
  14. Clean and Clear morning glow moisturiser is good all though if you are a guy the sparkly stuff in it might be a bit of a put off Olay moisturising lotion for sensitive skin is working well for me
  15. DETTOL CREAM UPDATE- I still say this stuff is good. I'm not clear. Right now I have two small whiteheads on my outer left cheek, that might not sound so amazing but for me that is very very good. I'm also finding that my pimples are now healing alot faster, unlike when I first started this cream, and are not scarring as badly as they usually do. My regime Morning -Gently cleanse my face with buff puff (very gently) in the shower -Wipe face with Oxy maximum strength cleansing wipe (SA 2%)