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  1. I just started my 4th week today and do not have any new pimples! For some reason this does not seem like it'll last since it rarely does but I also feel like it just might. For the past few days I've only gotten 1 new pimple at a time. Here's my before pictures from 3/29/12 to present day 4/10/12.
  2. starting to see some improvement on Day 15
  3. So far so good folks! I'm just starting my 3rd week today and noticing a big improvement for the 1st time since I've started. 1st week- Acne area was irritated and red. Old scars reappeared. 2nd week- I had a breakout as expected (had about 10 pimples at once on my forehead) but noticed whiteheads appearing much sooner than normal as well as healing after 2 days or so. My skin was getting flakier and dryer, scars turning darker (since I have darker pigment). Beginning of 3rd week- ol
  4. So I'm approaching the end of my 2nd week following the Regimen however on Day 5 of using Dan's Products. I've noticed a few things.. Forehead is getting more dry and flaky however I don't mind as much since my old pimples seem to be drying up as well. There's also much less redness on my forehead. Old pimple scars still remain and have a brownish tint to it. 1-2 new pimples appear every 2-3 days however whiteheads appear much faster than usual and heal quicker. The lifespan of my large pimpl
  5. Hi Friends, I've been suffering from mild to severe acne from the ages of 25-30 (current). It's really only limited to my forehead area which has caused me tons of anguish, depression and even obsession. I've always had clear skin, even throughout my adolescent years so it's tough for me to face the fact that I now have acne. I've tried everything from going on birth control (Yaz, Tricylcen-Lo, and currently on generic version of Mononessa), getting fancy spa facials totalling up to around