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  1. I lied! I never took it! I wish I did tho...LOL. ok, now that i got ur attentions, I wanna ask how much it costs now for canadian citizens. thanks
  2. but i thought the flaking of the skin makes my skin even better..
  3. I was fine until everyone started telling me i had alot of blackheads.
  4. I am in a dilemma. People have said accutane helps you peel the outer layer of your skin off to refresh your appearance. But it seems like my skin will never flake/peel off if i use a moisturizer. So should i use it? I'm at the end of my 2nd month
  5. frig dude im not a 12 years old kid that makes shit up! it IS IN FACT OIL. and the only thing i recall eating that day that i dont normally eat is the strawberry milkshake from mcdonalds!
  6. You nailed it. Its Olestra, and a side-effect of it is "anal leakage". Some people experience it worse than others. I've had it mild before. You think you got to fart, then its a juicy one, and then on the can you squeeze out a few drops. To the submitter. If you really did pour out more than a few drops, and there was no chucks, you might have a more serious problem. If there is any blood, you just suck. wtf is olestra how do u get it?
  7. are u sure? i actually took a pic a minute ago It seems like some ppl dont believe me.
  8. DUDE.. DO U WANT ME TO TAKE A PICTURE? I CAN IF U WANT TO..... It freaked me out too.. I'm still "farting" consistently as we speak so im sure i still got alot of oil left to show u even though i flushed it last time
  9. Well I use to be very oily etc and i needed like 5 blotting sheets each time to get rid of them. Now that i got accutane, my face is not only free of oil, but its dryer than ever be4. But the WIERDEST thing happened last night...I felt like i farted, and my shorts felt slightly wet, so i ignored it. But the farting became quite consistent, so i went to the washroom and tried to shat out the stuff. To my surprise, it wasnt brown, it wasnt a piece of crap, it wasnt food, IT WAS YELLOW OIL! The oi
  10. even though my acne is moderate i am desperate for accutane becuz it literally destroyed my social life and changed my attitude....I would never look at ppl in the eyes when i talk and i havent watched a movie with my friend for 2 yrs.. I've tried differin, BP, SA, minocycline, and steiva- In terms of diet, I stopped drinking coke, and stopped eating chips and fried foods for a year and a half. I dont drink any high sugar drinks and i drink alot of water a day. I avoid redmeats and beef and
  11. ....for 3 days I was completely clear for 3 days(i will never forget those 3 days) For once I didnt feel any bumpyness or signs of pimples growing on my face for 3 days......then my nitemare came back.......MINOCYCLINE IS NOTHING BUT CRAP I think my body got use to it after a few days..now its not helping at all