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  1. I am dumb and didn't realize there was a step By step video. Oops.
  2. A lot of people get a "purge" when they change their hormones for the better. Hormonal treatments in particular take much longer than a week to see the benefits. Hang in there. Thank you!!! I was beginning to feel really scared that my usual regimen had stopped being effective, and it was very disheartening. I'm glad to know this purging is normal. :)
  3. So, I have not had any problems with redness, scarring, or gigantic breakouts for a long long time. Well, I've recently started taking saw palmetto, because I read lots of reviews and posts saying that it helped tremendously. Well. It's only been about a week, maybe I'm not giving it enough time. But almost out of nowhere, my skin is now very red and I have at least 13 pimples in one area of my face. Has anyone taken sp and had a bad initial first month or so? Please, help. I need to know if I s
  4. Great!

    No breakouts Good coverage Long wearing No pump on bottle This foundation is great! The finish is a semi matte/can be dewier if you have oily skin. It gives excellent, pretty natural looking coverage for light scarring and redness. It's very breathable and lives up to its long wearing promises without getting cakey or greasy looking. It caused me no breakouts or irritation whatsoever. If you can find a perfect color match, this is a great drug store find!!!
  5. No, I am actually not using the regimen. For spot treatment, I use either Tea Tree Oil, or Clean and Clear Persagel (which is a BP product.) I no longer use BP or SA all over my face, because for years I was and it stripped my face/left my skin always red and irritated. It's just frustrating that my skin will be perfectly clear, and then a nasty cyst will pop up. :( perhaps I should give the regimen a shot!
  6. Greaseball!!!

    Horribly comedogenic Greasy looking Bad color range Alright, so recently, I've come to terms with realizing that my skin is combination, but on the drier side. Yet, I live in a humid climate so I am always sweating outside. The struggle is real. Anyway, I had been trying to stray away from matte formulas, as they only accentuate my dryness. I heard this was a dupe for NARS Sheer Glow, which I'm in love with. Let me just tell you, this stuff is horrible. There is zero coverage, and I'm only a l
  7. Alright, so at any given moment, my skin is 90% clear, but when pimples do pop up, they're never harmless little red marks, or even black heads, or even whiteheads. Always, they are deep painful mounds with no head. No amount of spot treatment will make these babies budge, I sometimes have to wait up to a month for them to subside. It's so annoying!!! I use CeraVe Hydrating Cleanser, CeraVe PM moisturizer, and have stuck to washing my face only twice a day. So, I'm not using harsh products all o
  8. That's why I didn't use it either! But my skin is much happier with me since I've began using it. Especially now that I use good quality products instead of whatever is cheapest. As broke as college and life have made me, some things are worth the extra $$$.
  9. @sneaker fanatic, interesting! That makes sense. I still remember the days when I was killing my skin by not using any moisturizers, YIKES. Lol.
  10. I just got the Neutrogena Rapid Tone repair day and night moisturizers. The only difference I've really noticed is a slightly different texture, and a lack of SPF in the night version. So, why are there two different ones. I know many people use different ones at night than during the day. Is this necessary? Is it due to the SPF, more potent ingredients, the difference in texture, or what? I was previously using the Aveeno Positively Radiant Moisturizer, and I used it both day and night and didn
  11. @cbiot13 and @tracy521 yeah, I tend to wash mine three times due to working out, or if I take a nap before work or whatever. Most days I try to just stick with two times though. I finally found a gentle wash that doesn't suck. Also, thanks, lol, I just took that pic on vacay a couple weeks ago.
  12. People are mean! I think a lot of people who do have naturally clear skin do tend to judge, but those of us who do struggle with acne can look past it. I hate that virtually all of my friends have perfect skin without doing anything and I have to really work at having good skin. It sucks , but the right people won't care if you have acne. It's a silly thing to judge someone for. Keep your head up.
  13. Every face map I see is different. Regardless, it's good to be healthy! So at least the face map gives advice on diet, exercise, and making healthy choices. Sadly, I think the whole face mapping thing isn't really accurate when it comes to acne.
  14. Alright, so my acne is what I believe to be moderate. I don't break out very much anymore, but when I do, it's a big cyst farm on my face! I can go most days without wearing makeup, but some days, I just like to have a little coverage. When I was younger, I thought I needed the heaviest of the heavy, but I've grown to realize that sheer-medium coverage is all I Need. I've been experimenting with bb creams lately and have not been impressed at all! What are some ingredients in cosmetics that go
  15. Water!!! It always makes my skin feel clean, but not stripped. But, for times when I wear makeup, I love CeraVe's Foaming Cleanser. I was skeptical about using anything that didn't have any sort of scrubby beads in it, but, wow, I was wrong! This CeraVe cleanser is so gentle on my face, which has resulted in my oily skin being well balanced.