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  1. I feel crappy because I just had a picking episode. But, misery loves company and that is why I got on the forums today. It is the worst to feel alone in all of this. I feel like I use the products, I get progress, but I also get dry, peeling skin. Then, of course, I pick at the scabs. So I am not sure anything is healing as it should because I can't seem to leave things alone. I am a perfectionist, so even the tiniest skin flaw has me wallowing around the house. I want to let it go, but it is h
  2. Be careful with medicines, such as BP, which can make skin more sensitive to the sun and burn more easily (which means more red, which is not what you want). I heard that alpha hydroxy acid can help. I have had a few pro microdermabrasions and it did get rid of any dry/peeling skin and made my skin super smooth, but it didn't really get rid of any redness. There are numerous fading creams that can be found and researched online. Until then, I would try wearing a noncomedogenic makeup (ask your g
  3. I've been there. Heck, I am there. I know what it is like to be in the bathroom, door shut, sobbing, because no amount of makeup will cover the mess on my face. I want to be able to go boating this summer and just wear sunscreen, but it seems I always, always, always have to have foundation and concealer on (which as most of us know, streaks off anyway). It would be nice if all the people on acne.org could be around each other so that we would feel free to go out and do what we want to do, witho
  4. I just got away from the mirror, I hate to say I picked again...