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  1. Check out this article on prevention.com http://www.prevention.com/cda/feature2002/...80,5489,00.html? Willow
  2. Scotty I totally agree. My skin doesn't look too bad in natural lighting, but when I go into an office or conference room at work I now I look awful in that light. My coworkers tease me about the lighting in my office - I have the overhead flourescent OFF and only have desk lighting on. 8-[ Someday, I hope to have the redmarks/scars faded so I won't have to live like a mushroom!!! Willow
  3. Hi MaryTheres, Hope today is looking up a bit for you. I just read this thread and wanted to tell you that I suffer from the weeping sores you described. It's bizarre because there doesn't seem to be any "plug" like a whitehead or blackhead. I get them mostly on my forehead and chin. I recently started a regimen a little different than Dan's - incorporating salycic acid in. I have seen a little improvement this past week. I am going to post a diary soon. Please update after you see
  4. I was in Barnes and Noble and saw this book. Here is the overview from Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/tg/detai...=books&n=507846 Instead of just using BP the authors outline a 4 step program using a salicylic acid face wash, glycolic acid, BP, and a mosturizer. I was wondering if anyone read this yet and if you currently incorporate SA into the regimen? Thanks, Willow
  5. I checked out the homepeels.com site and am getting ready to purchase a lactic peel. I saw a fan applicator brush and was wondering if this is the best method of application? What do you use? Thanks! Willow
  6. I use the Proactiv regimen and have had good results after 2 months. Only one active eruption (think this was due to time o' month) which is healing nicely. Like many others, I have the persistent red marks from old acne. It also doesn't help that I have fair skin. Came across this thread a week ago and I thought I'd give it a try. Here's what I've done so far using 3M brand clear shipping tape (about 3 inches wide): Day 1: Taped in the evening after cleansing. Could not believe how much