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  1. Ok first off Im going to apologize because this might be a bit long. Anyways, I want to start by saying I am on my acne regimin. It consist of 2.5% benzoyl peroxide wash, clindamycin in the morning, sunscreen, benzoyl peroxide 5% lotion at night, and moisturizer (cerave). About 3 hours after I wash my face I am forced to blot because of how oily my face is. I don't have major breakouts at all anymore. I drink vitamins and roughly 2.5 liters of water daily. Idk why I get so oily. I feel
  2. Yeah I have tried salicylic acid before and it didn't do much. I already take vitamin a & e. I'm going to start with vitamin d, I heard it helps reduce oil. I'm pretty sure my problem is hormonal but if wouldn't go on BC any time soon.
  3. Since I was 17 and I'm almost 21 I used to be on epiduo and a couple months ago I switched to the regimens benzoyl peroxide from acne.org
  4. Okay so recently (past 3 weeks) I've been breaking out like crazy! These little white pimple all over. I am on a regimen provided by my derm and I've been on it for quite sometime. I wash my face 2x daily and in the morning apply clindamyacin gel, then sunscreen, and lastly I moisturize. At night I wash my face and then apply 2.5% benzoyl peroxide from the regimen on here, and lastly I moisturize. My diet is good not much fast food or fried foods. I drink vitamin a&e and I have for about a y