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  1. Ive done 2 Total FX which are similar to Fraxel Repair. I've given up gauging by percentage, but I am getting some results. Deeper scars have not really responded, but my skin looks healthier and the scars are softer. I do think a few shallow scars got a little deeper, but overall there is definite improvement. Considering my 3rd one this fall. I'm a bit peeved at the pinkness and slight shininess to my skin, but it's only been a month since the second procedure. Oh and my skins look way bett
  2. I've had 2 Total FX treatment and had good results, but I get acne more than I ever used to. My skin is still healing though.
  3. Won't do much if you have indented scars IMO from my own experience. I'm getting good results with Total FX and I hear Fraxel Repair is very similar.
  4. I agree with the OP in the sense that it can be counter productive to have some of the heavier duty treatments for a couple of minor scars. As someone who obsesses over scarring, I've found it's better to try to be positive and put things in perspective. If you have very minor scarring it would be better to post something like "I know this is minor but...." That's a positive way to look at it for themselves as well as others.
  5. As little as Fraxel did for my scars it definitely helped my skin look healthier more natural.
  6. TrappedandLost I'm in the same boat. I still have people interested in me, but I can't bare the thought of someone being close to me and seeing my disfiguring scars. Weirdly as my scarring has lessened I seem to be even more sensitive about my appearance. Not sure what I'm going to do about the loneliness. I get by, for now.
  7. I spent about $9,000 on erbium alone. My scars have improved a lot, but some deeper ones are still very visible. I just spent $3750 on Fraxel treatments and I think they were worthless, if anything making some of my scars worse and causing some hyperpigmentation. I'm a long way from satisfied.
  8. A day after my skin looks pretty good, just some pink marks. The second and third days I formed 4 brownish scabs that look like freckles, still not too bad. It's been 18 months since my last Erbium laser resurfacing and 3 months since my last Fraxel
  9. Finding a good doctor to do the dermabrasion is more of the problem, who do you trust? Actually who did you go to s500?
  10. FYI I know it's only temporary, but last night I crossed the rest of my scars and one great side effect is that all of my dents and holes have filled in. It's basically seeing what I would look like if I hardly had any scars at all. Shame its just the swelling reaction, but even if it only lasts a couple of days its nice to have a break form always seeing the scarring.
  11. That may be why eyeboy, thanks. One more question, I have some very narrow and deep line scars which are multiple ice picks right next to each other. Do you know if it's okay to cross an entire line in the same way you would do one dot shaped ice pick?
  12. Great info eyeboy - thanks I did about 12 scars 2 days ago. The weird thing is only about 4 of them scabbed and a couple of them aren't even red. I used 100% TCA so I was wondering if skin that's already been toughened up from laser resurfacing and fraxel is less sensitive to the acid?
  13. Has anyone done TCA cross and made their scars worse? Also is it suitable to use on deep boxcar type scars as well as icepicks? thanks
  14. I'm 2 months post my 6th treatment and Ive had barely any improvement and its caused hyperpigmentation. I don't approve this treatment currently
  15. It was restore and my non scarred skin got worse. I had about a 5% improvement on my scarring but at the cost of pigment change so I'd say it wasnt worth it so far