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  1. guys, recently i decided to take the plunge of applying differin.I realised that after applying it...my face becomes more oily...how come?is it becoz it draws out all the exisiting oil before so called drying the face??thanks in advance for all helpful replies...
  2. hi,i was using it and it was good but stopped using it because it's too expensive in my opinion.to keep it in fridge is no hassle but 20usd for a month(a jar) of supply is too much for me so now i am using otc oxy5.
  3. i'm sorry, but are you mentally deficient....why the fuck would I heed your advice? ←
  4. well,maybe you are juz too shallow therefore you feel it's offensive.heed my advice,be more generous....especially if you r a guy!
  5. dun judge me based on your own standards.maybe your standard in english is juz way out of my league.if you think you are so capable...why dun u post it for me using your own words coz i juz can't phrase them in a better way,genius!
  6. Hi all, I am juz wondering if u guys think giving a gal oral would cause breakout around the mouth area or any place at the place where the happyflowers juice happened to come into contact with...i am not sure if it's pure coincidence but i seem to have pimples breaking out two three days after i give my gf a good oral session....hmmm...food for thoughts? After all,acne is caused by bacteria and happyflowers juice should or might have bacteria huh?
  7. in my opinion,i think you will.after all,tane is for oral and retin-a is for external.
  8. guys....please help me. Presently i am using isotrexin for my night regimen but i would like to change to retin-a cream(0.05%).Question=would i experience initial breakout since i already had one from isotrexin,would it means tat then retin-a wouldn't give me initial breakout? Anyone converted from isotrexin to retin-a or to any retinoid family's product like differin or tarzoac or retin-a micro?and wat's your experience? or anyone converted from any topical products that gave u tat horrible in
  9. try your mino for 2 months to see it's results...no one can say if it is gonna work as everyone is different....it's a trial n error type of experiment for consuming antibiotics. however i m quite skeptical abt the erythromycin lotion....reports show tat erythromycin dun work very well alone in topical form....try benzamycin.it works for me though it's a bit drying but u can juz apply moisturiser to overcome tat. dun try retinoid family topical if your acne is not serious....personally i see no
  10. to matt- doxy may indeed helps and as i've said,no one can say if this antibiotics helps or not till u tried it and six weeks is not a very long time to see it's efficacy...i suggest trying at least for 2 months.and if doxy dun helps,no point taking tetra since they belong to same family,ask for erythromycin then. if still dun help,try mino as from this forum,it seems to work for many ppl with the disadvantage in it's more expensive compared to other antibiotic. one thing i dun understand,u say
  11. you cannot buy retin-a without prescription in singapore but u can buy it from malaysia without one so i bought one from there.but after buying it,i m not sure if i dare to go thru the initial breakout which most probably i would experience should i apply it. So here i am,asking if there's any singaporeans who's currently using retin-a 0.05% cream wanting to take over from me.
  12. Hi Alison, I am glad you discovered what caused your breakouts. I too breakout from SA. What works for me is glycolic acid. ←
  13. i juz bought this cream and i decided not to use it....any singaporean wanna buy from me and how much is it selling in singapore?i bought it from malaysia.