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  1. hey guys, well im wondering what is going up with these white-ish scars that are starting to get more noticable. It all started off with a burn i got on my forehead from using toothpaste, (this was like 5- 6 months ago) i used cocoa butter and the burn went away and left an unnoticeable mark. Now im getting more spots on my forehead, i go tanning because i thought that would help cover it up. But the marks dont tan! Im really nervous cuz i dont want it to be viltigo or however you spell it
  2. Gonna get ready to go out soon<3 amazing weather!

  3. my skin is fairly good now! some days its bad, some days its amazing! i just realized acne shouldnt control my life, i love my life no matter what, we should be the ones to control the acne! No matter what everyones beautiful, with or with out acne!
  4. @coynep12 hi! your welcome(: Yes, it is safe, but i suggest to NOT TOP USING RETIN-A!!! I use Retin-A micro pump every night, and i remember i missed one day, and i broke out! Like any topical cream, if you stop using it, your skin is already prone to it every night so you will break out! I used to use so much of Retin A when i had a lot of acne, and it is pretty drying when you use a lot, but now my skin is fairly good so i just use two or three pea sized pumps of it cuz that covers my face in
  5. new hair <3 really happy! bout to go get a facial \mn/

  6. HAPPY ... my makeup covered everything! Thank God for makeup!

  7. my parents are making me leave the house ! uhg.

  8. Hi ! Ive done some research for you! I hope i helped ! - Manuka Honey prevents acne and fades red marks fast !!! Its amazing, 30 dollars, but a little goes a long way and its so worth it. http://www.manukaonline.com/ that link will explain more about it ^^^ Below are more information, about natural and other ways to fade them! - Sunscreen Wearing sunscreen is essential, whether you are trying to fade marks or have no marks to fade whatsoever. It should be a part of your skin care rout
  9. I suggest you use a body wash , you can use one for the face, or on for the body, there is also some that does both! Also , get an exfoliate body wash from St ives! I use it an its amazing! It cleans the pores and help get away scars, and prevents acne! You use the body wash first, then exfoliate. I also recommend a back loofah ! Theres one made for exfoliating as well... it really helps! Then, use a body spray. Theres one from neautrogena, it has Sacylic acid. Its really good! You can spray
  10. Acne seriously has ruined my life. Its so embarrasing to go out in public. and i hate wearing founation, it feels like it makes my skin worse. It ruined my confidence in my self. im exretmely insecure i get jealous of girls who are beautiful with clear skin im under tons of stress considering im a model going out places, taking pictures when i see myself in the mirror i cry i dont think im good enough anymore i say " i hate my life " every day... i dont wanna go anywhere with my family and
  11. is my skin gonna get better for friday !?