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  1. TiaraGibson

    removes hair wonderfully! no need for shaving cream leave bikini area and underarms bumpy sometimes can cause ingrown hairs and redness works like a charm on legs...does the job on sensitive areas, but can irritate
  2. TiaraGibson

    removed all excess oil tingles as it cleans quick replacement to washing your face, if you're in a rush must be used a few times a day love this product, you get a lot for your money ($21.00 for 13.5 fl. oz.)
  3. TiaraGibson

    covers well doesn't treat my acne probably not the best on the market
  4. TiaraGibson

    moisturizes without making skin greasy I have very greasy skin and this is the only moisturizer I use...ever!!
  5. TiaraGibson

    absolutely none did not work at all customer service was despicable charged me without my consent!!!!! don't waste your time with this
  6. TiaraGibson

    worked wonders! easy to remember to take (2x day) I LOVE THIS
  7. TiaraGibson

    cleared up my moderate acne relatively inexpensive takes a few weeks to work...but what product doesn't? I LOVE THIS STUFF!
  8. TiaraGibson

    couldn't tell any didn't really do anything for me this product did neither good nor bad things for me
  9. TiaraGibson

    cleans well cools and calms skin removed build-up from clogged pores removed excess oil temporarily dries out skin pretty bad if you use it 2x a day my skin got oily again within an hour does its job, cleans well, but is pretty high-powered. make sure you ease into it