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  1. My acne story is a quite long one. For the past four to five years, from I was 12/13 and up until now (I am 17), I have tried almost anything to get rid of my acne. It started of course with over the counter topical products that had little effect, then antibiotics that worked for a short period of time, combined with topical medication that contained salisylic acid or bensoyl peroxide. Finally, the solution became Accutane, and it cleared up my acne completely. However, my face only stayed clea
  2. Thanks a lot, Sasch83! I will definitely stick with it for at least three months, and hope to see improvement by then. I am willing to wait for results, but there will probably come a time when I'll move on if it stil isn't working. Thanks for the reply, I'm so glad that this page exists, so that we can all support and help each other. Other people simply don't understand something like acne, so I'm glad we have this page!
  3. I went to the doctor after your tip, and started taking Diane. I've been on it for almost two months now, and I see no improvement whatsoever, and I would say it has gotten worse. Especially these last days I've gotten bumps under the skin on my forehead (where most of my acne problems are located), in addition to practically always having one or two REALLY painful pimples over or left/right for my mouth. I know it usually takes about three months to see improvement, so I'm counting down the day
  4. So, how do I start? I've never ever written anything on this page, although I've spent lots and lots of hours browsing through the message boards here, searching for comfort and help. In one way, it feels kinda good that someone else is going through the same as me, just so I know I'm not alone. But anyways, I'll try not to make this post too long. I am a fifteen year old girl from Norway (so sorry about any grammar mistakes), and I've already been on two accutane courses. I know a lot of yo