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  1. I don't know about you all but the Eucerin Rewewal alpha hydroxy lotion spf15 was the only one that did not break me out. The Eucerin Skin Renewal spf 15 Day Lotion does not work well with my skin. I broke out after using it for like a week or two and now the alpha hydroxy one is discontinued! I am about to go crazy and extremely depressed if I have to go through acne again. I need help people! Anyone know where I can get it or anything?????????
  2. I like using cornmeal with my cleanser for exfoliating. I do this about once a week. I think the cornmeal is not nearly as harsh as baking soda. I got the cornmeal info from a book on natural recipes for ur face. Apparently it is for people who are acne prone. I recommend it.
  3. I recommend cornmeal-I personally think it works better than the baking soda and is less harsh on the skin. I got it from a book that said it was an exfoliator for people with acne. I just mix it in with my cleanser in my hand.
  4. I added a few things to the regimen. I added a scrub and a kind of mask and vinegar. The regimen helped but I never got 100% clear with just it. I would notice that my dead skin was not coming off on its own so that is basically the reason I added what I did. The scrub is cornmeal that works great. I tried baking soda (crap hurt with the lightest touch). If I notice dead skin build up (usually once a week) while showering I start by applying my cleanser to my face and then I just put some cor
  5. I use Neutrogena Healthy Skin face lotion with spf 15 and it works fine for me. I started using because I couldn't find the eucerin one in any store where I live. I like it and my face looks good. I recommend it.
  6. Has anyone used all natural ingredients for ur toning, masks, scrubs, cleansers? I read a book about natural beauty and the author says that people overdue it with their face blah blah blah. Well she gives you instructions and recipes for cleansers,toners,masks,scrubs,etc.. I was just wondering if anyone has tried this and if it worked for you?
  7. I read that to remove sunless tanner just exfoliate the skin. Just remember be gentle
  8. I don't know about the bumps but what I use for a scrub is this: baking soda with a little sugar. I use it in the shower while I'm cleaning my face with my cleanser. Apply your cleanser and without rinsing it off then pour some of the scrub into ur hand and rub lightly on ur face. If you rub hard it will burn so be gentle. I use it like once a week. Hope that helps.
  9. well depends on how much u plan on mixing start small- like 3 teaspoons vinegar and 1 teaspoon of water or you can do tablespoons whichever you prefer. Just play with it till it is as strong or weak as you need it. You don't really even have to follow my suggestion. I personally use it full strength all over my face and a 4 teaspoon 1 teaspoon mix around my mouth cause the full strength is too strong for it. Have fun!
  10. I use apple cidar vinegar along with bp and it works great. It has helped with breakouts also. My skin is a lot smoother also. I also noticed that I don't need to use as much bp as I did w/out the vinegar. Wash ur face normal then apply the vinegar with a cotton ball ( if it is too strong 4 ur face dillute it w/ water like 3 parts vinegar and 1 part water). Then apply ur bp as usual and moisturize. I recommend the vinegar highly. It exfoliates and helps clear the skin very well.
  11. I use apple cidar vinegar -all you have to do is dillute it. Wash ur face then apply vinegar then the bp and moisturize. My skin looks a lot better with the vinegar.
  12. I been using the vinegar with my bp and I think it has helped a lot. I was still breaking out a lil while on dans regimen. Now my skin is smooth and I haven't broken out for a month. I use distilled apple cidar vinegar (burns like $%*! though). You can dillute it in water if you want if vinegar is too strong for ur skin. I also noticed I don't need anywhere near as much bp now.
  13. I am using that moisturizer only because nobody sells the eucerin one for some reason around here. It works well for the skin but doesn't go on well with the bp. You gotta be slow and light touch with it or it starts to cake up on u. Annoying as s**t but my face looks good.
  14. Well for the peeling, the thing that worked really well for me was using sugar or baking soda with my cleanser in the shower every other morning. The sugar is more gentle on the skin though. I'm using Neutrogena Healthy Skin Face Lotion SPF15- it has AHA, it's also non- comedogenic and oil free. It did burn a bit the first 2-3 times I used it and my face is still a little pink but it works great. My face looked instantly better the day I used it. I still exfoliate in the shower with the sugar or