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  1. Yeah Happy New Year to all of you! argh it's a shame I don't have access to the doc on BBC.......... Why is that? Do I have to sign in or is it depending on in what country you live?
  2. If there was one, he'd have a gun to his head before he knows what is hitting him. Honestly, reality is wide-ranged, after taking accutane maybe for some time a bit closer to tunnel vision, but even seen only through this tunnel: Big and influential companies are kinda organised like an FBI and won't allow ideas of a "lone wolf".
  3. Hi all! Just a short question: What discussion ist going on here about canned tuna?? I love fish in any way! Are post-accutane-users prone to fish allergies (idea of common symptoms?) or what is it that you mean to have detected? =O best & have a nice day, Mary
  4. Hi everyone I didn't find "enough" time yet to read in this forum but I read your statement, Joseph Buchignani, and I can, at the moment, agree with it.
  5. Helloo Dubya_B It might be true that my different native language can cause some misunderstandings, yes, but I think I mostly understood and can support everything you told until now. With my statement above I just wanted to underline that, at the moment, I do not have the ability, concerning time, mental or/and (!) physical health, my through accutane affected nerves and even my capacity for remembering because of my fear to have a flashback into my harder times (what happened sometimes whe
  6. Please keep in mind that this is not a talent show, maybe I can pass contacts to people who are interested. It is in my high interest and appreciation as well to bring "light into the dark", to illuminate this case and to bring fairness to all of us who have suffered as if their lives were their death (can only speak for me, and for sure, this is really hard to measure and of course unworldly for a lot of people reading this who took accutane and idolize it because for them it showed the effect
  7. Hi Dubya_B Nice to meet you! Allow me the question: How old are you? I'm glad about your infos, links and search in the internet, even though I wish I'd understand some more 'biological' English Vocabulary "I didn't look into it too deeply." ... How should we??
  8. Hi Stef and everybody else who is interested in this topic I was asked to take part in a German documentary about Roaccutane (..always keep the financial interests of the media in mind as well..). But I'm pretty sure already that I don't want to show up on tv in the next few years.. I am somebody who experienced some of the severe side effects as well. But I didn't even compare notes with other victims/concernced people yet. It's nice to recapture slowly the own life, this improvement is s