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  1. Glad to hear 50mg/day helped you, I was a little skeptical about such a low dose.
  2. I get 20 mg qty 60 of generic doxycycline hyclate... I asked my doctor about the low dose and she double-checked with some prescription manual and said the lowest dose for acne is 40 mg/day, and she wants me on a low dose since it will be a long-term treatment.
  3. Hello, today I started a low-dose doxy regimine for body acne. I am on 20 mg 2x/day, and I think my doctor plans on trying this as a long-term treatment if it is effective. What I am wondering about is that I have read a lot of posts by people on 100 - 200 mg of doxy per day, and I am only prescribed 40 mg. However I have also read references to studies that apparently showed that 40mg/day is effective and that it may even be preferable for long-term treatment (something about the lower dose no
  4. Okay so I am a 24 year old female. I had moderate acne from the time I was about 10 years old, initially on my face. Then I started getting back acne when I was about 13. By about 14 I began breaking out in red bumps on my legs, starting at the backs of my knees. Now my face is virtually completely clear (sometimes get a pimple or two on my chin - very infrequent), however my body breakouts persist. I typically have a couple of pimples on my back, but the worse breakouts are on my butt and thigh
  5. No, the chemicals for removing chlorine and conditioning the water are a separate product. I actually realized I threw out the small bag I had, so I will just try coarse sea salt from the store now. But if that doesn't produce great results I think I will purchase some marine salt particularly fod using on my skin. Ill try to update the thread as I haven't heard of anyone using it for their skin before.
  6. Marine aquarium salt isnt just sodium chloride, it also has minerals and probably ph buffers to mimic natural seawater. I'm a little confused though, you say additives are bad but that sea salt is good because of the minerals? But that's not just sodium chloride. Pretty sure pure sodium chloride would be non-iodized table salt, which you say is bad. Sorry, I don't understand 100% what you're saying.
  7. Hello. My question is regarding folliculitis, not acne, but I know you guys get folliculitis posts from time to time. I get folliculitis on my butt and the back of my thighs, and have read abouut people using salt, especially sea salt and dead sea salt, with good results. I realized I have some marine salt from an aquarium I had a while back... the stuff is made to imitate natural seawater with the proper ph and all the minerals in sewater. I am wondering if anyone has heard of this being used f