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  1. Yoga does not fit well with running (and running seems to be pretty fine for me - the skin also looks better the days I do some GOOD running). However, thanks for the advice. And what do you mean by juicing vegetables - fresh vegetable juices or smth else? No, I haven't tried anything. In fact, this colitis doesn't worry me too much (no pains, no effect on everyday life), and in general only now it came to my head that it could actually have smth to do with the state of my skin. I am not sure
  2. No, I haven't tried anything. In fact, this colitis doesn't worry me too much (no pains, no effect on everyday life), and in general only now it came to my head that it could actually have smth to do with the state of my skin. I am not sure even now - after all, the skin was fine in summer, although I didn't keep to any diet.
  3. I don't know if anybody here remembers me - I posted to this board several months ago. This was my topic: http://www.acne.org/messageboard/index.php/topic/312641-female-sudden-acne-after-40-advice-will-be-appreciated/ Now about the new situation (I am 44 now) and new problems. My previous story ended half a year ago, when I was quitting a BCP (after being on it for 3 months for ovarian cyst and acne issues) and was concerned about what it would be like. I got off the birth control pi
  4. Thanks! I try take zinc everyday. I have read that more than 50mg a day can suppress the immune system. I don't recall what mine is, but i think it is chelated zinc, which supposedly helps absorption??? Sorry - seems that I just didn't notice this message several days ago. I take about 30 mg daily in the form of sulfate. The chelated form must be much better. Some fellow sufferers take mega doses, but it is not good in the long run. Such doses may alter the metabolism of copper, smth like
  5. Thank you very much! I still hope that it may be partly due to vitamin deficiency, weight loss and really bad stress, and the onset of perimenopause was just the last straw. But maybe perimenopause was the main culprit (which is much worse for me, because it means that the problems will only develop further over time). The thyroid hormones (TSF, fT4, anti-TPO) seem to be all right, although my thyroid has been enlarged for years, and I even had a lump removed from it at a young age. I've heard t
  6. By the way, I have read that you have stress-related issues. My derm advised me to take magnesium additives (better in combination with calcium, and preferably in water-soluble form rather than just plain pills). I take them twice a day, after sleep and before sleep. It seems to work. I am generally nervous and irritable but now seem to be more relaxed. So you may want to give it a try.
  7. Thank you very much! I'll look its composition on the Internet and try to find something like it at our pharmacies. Thank you very much! My problem is not lack of ovulation per se (three kids are quite enough for us ) but general hormone imbalance. Who knows what caused it... Yes, I know about phytoestrogens. Soy is controversial, or so they say, but mint and licorice must be fine. I have even bought some but haven't started them yet. Two weeks off the pill. I wonder what the next few months wi
  8. Thank you very much! Good luck to you, too! Hope your BP regimen will be efficient.
  9. Thank you very much, I'll look what Panoxyl is. And I am looking forward to hearing about exfoliation! Yes, there are quite a number of compassionate people in Russia (I sometimes work for various charities, and it is always a pleasure to see people willing to help). However, I don't think that we are unique in this regard. ;-)
  10. Actually, I suspect that I do ovulate (there are certain objective mid-cycle changes, I would prefer not going into details). The month I didn't ovulate, the cycle was several days longer, and it was probably then that I got the ovarian cyst. The no carbs diet is probably bad when a person is skinny (I guess you are also on the underweight side?). No carbs = less body fat = less estrogen. But a moderately low GI diet can be fine. Did you hair/skin situation improve with age? They say that
  11. Thank you very much for your concern! Actually, I will be very happy if this issue is really temporary. I am just afraid - can't it become more permanent now that I am entering early perimenopause (the only sign so far being a shorter menstrual cycle)? Or maybe the skin will adjust somehow? Who knows... it is very frustrating at this age, and I was unprepared. I know about spiro, but seems it will be the last resort in my case - so before it I'd better try something else. I also know about sa
  12. Yes, this is one of my suspicions (although the thickness of the endometrium was normal on the ultrasound). But if it is low indeed - can anything be done without BCP? Since my menstrual cycle is still regular and I even seem to ovulate nearly every month, it seems that nobody will discuss HRT with me now? I have read your answer in another topic - that gaining weight and including carbs in your diet was good for you. I don't have PCOS, but I am really interested in what else helped you.
  13. Hello All, (I am a new subscriber, so I would appreciate if you tell me how I should specify the tags, where I should better place this topic, etc.) I am a 43-year-old female from Russia. Sounds a bit exotic, but I am a semi-professional translator, so I hope there will be no language barrier. My problem is rather weird, because I haven't seen any analogs of my situation in Russian or American message boards. But maybe you can give me some advice. Generally, acne hasn't been a proble