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    gettting rid off ma acne... reading n watching movies
  1. duchbev

    Im So Sick Of Acne

    OMG. It's Mr. acne again. This month it decided to revisit me in full force full battle. i have been suffering from acne for 5 years (urrgggh!!!!). i ordered The regimen on the 17th n its like its taking forever gazzilion years. I really hope this works. When i was in high school i promised myself not to get married wt acne. On feburary 2012 i got married, God help me dat day no zit pimple acne wat so eva... Like i said still waiting for the Regimen. Does anyone know how long it takes for The r
  2. duchbev


    must i used d mositurizer, can i replace it wt olay non comdemgenic(dats a hard word, lol). But y'all get the point