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  1. I can recommend u what my derm recommend me to use. He gives me zindacin gel for morning use and adapalene gel 0.1 for noght use. They are good!!! And its perfect to heal yr pimples faster! Dont use the adapalene gel in the mirning because you will be sensative to sunlight. ONLY use at night. I hv been on acctuane too and it's day 56. Its getting better but i hv a bad habit like u-- always touching my skin and this makes u get more pimples! I get a few on my forehead now!!
  2. I know you are going through a tough time. I have been on accutane started from Feb. And it's almost 2 months now...I hv brokeout during day 19 to now but I got a few pimples now...but there's still redness..Just don't give up!! You will getting better and better !
  3. I hv been on accutane for 46 days and it seems that my skin is getting better (20mg/per day). But there are whiteheads and pimples on my face too. I used to have lots of lots of (I rly mean LOTS OF!!) whiteheads under my skin and they are popping up quickly and become pimples! I look extremely ugly and rly depressed. I just want to tell you that start from day 19 is my worst !! I hv never seen I hv such a serious breakout and it was actually like yours ! I was always worrying and even crying an